Number of Articles: 958
176. Quantitative Assessment of Conventional and Modern De-Noising on Nuclear Medicine Images

Volume 3, Issue 1, March and April 2006, Pages 35-44

Sh. Olumi; H. Rajabi; S.R. Zakavi; E. Hajizade; H. Ghiasi

177. Quality Control of Radiography Equipments in Golestan Province of IRAN

Volume 10, Issue 1, March and April 2013, Pages 37-44

Alireza Khoshbin Khoshnazar; Peyman Hejazi; Milad Mokhtarian; Shahin Nooshi

178. Treatment of Colon Carcinoma Tumors by Electrolysis: Effect of Electrical Dose and Polarity

Volume 5, Issue 3,4, November and December 2008, Pages 39-51

Ameneh Sazgarnia; Mohammad Hosein Bahreyni-Toosi; Mehdi Shirin-Shandiz; Shahram Bayani-Roudi; َAli Reza Khoei; Habibollah Esmaily; Fatemeh Homaei

179. Energy Optimization And Calculation Of Dose Absorption Enhancement Factor In Photon Activation Therapy

Volume 7, Issue 2, May and June 2010, Pages 41-47

Hassan Ranjbar; Mojtaba Shamsaei Zafarqandi; Mahammad Reza Ghasemi

180. A Numerical Investigation of the Time Reversal Mirror Technique for Trans-skull Brain Cancer Ultrasound Surgery

Volume 4, Issue 1,2, May and June 2007, Pages 41-50

H. Zahedmanesh; F. Ghalichi; S. Behnia

181. A Dosimetric Evaluation of Organs at Risk in Prostate Radiation Therapy using a MAGIC Gel Dosimeter

Volume 7, Issue 1, March and April 2010, Pages 43-51

Hamid Reza Sadoughi; Mahmood Allahverdi; Hasan Nedaei; Ramin Jaberi; Mahbod Esfahani; Alireza Shirazi

182. Evaluation of X-Ray Radiation Levels in Radiology Departments of Two Educational Hospitals in Ahvaz, Iran

Volume 14, Issue 2, May and June 2017, Pages 87-91

behzad foulady; leila IbrahimiGhavamabadi; matharh bozar; abbas mohamadi; kamran ahmadi

183. Verification of Monitor unit calculations for eclipse Treatment Planning System by in- house developed spreadsheet

Volume 15, Issue 2, Spring 2018, Pages 87-100

Hemalatha Athiyaman; Athiyaman Mayilvaganan; Arun Chougule; kumar HS

184. A Comparative Study of 3-D Conformal Radiotherapy Treatment Plans with and Without Deep Inspiration Breath-Hold Technique for Left-Sided Breast Cancer

Volume 17, Issue 2, March and April 2020, Pages 90-98

Mohammed Ali Morsy; Ehab Marouf Attalla; Wahib Mohamed Attia

186. Environmental 50Hz Magnetic Fields Can Increase Viability of Human Umbilical Vein Endothelial Cells (HUVEC)

Volume 13, Issue 2, May and June 2016, Pages 100-108

Akram Mahna; Seyed Mohamad Firoozabadi

187. Radiolabeling of Ceftriaxone with 99mTc as a Targeting Radiopharmaceutical for Staphylococcus Aureus Detection in Mouse Model

Volume 9, Issue 2, May and June 2012, Pages 103-110

Akram Fazli; Mojtaba Salouti; Gholamreza Ahmadi; Fatemeh Mirshojaei; Mohammad Mazidi; Zahra Heydari

188. Determination of Dosimetric Characteristics of IrSeed 125I Brachytherapy Source

Volume 10, Issue 2, September and October 2013, Pages 109-117

Vahid Lohrabian; Shahab Sheibani; Mahmoud Reza Aghamiri; Behroz Ghozati; Hosein Pourbeigi; Hamid Reza Baghani

189. Dose Distribution Analysis of Rapid Arc and Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy Plan in Head and Neck Cancer

Volume 16, Issue 2, March and April 2019, Pages 139-144

Shahnawaz Ansari; Subrat Satpathy; Sayan Paul

190. Decision Support System for Age-Related Macular Degeneration Using Convolutional Neural Networks

Volume 14, Issue 3, September and October 2017, Pages 141-148

Mostafa Langarizadeh; Banafshe Maghsoudi; Naveed Nilforushan

191. Advanced Analysis of PRVEP in Anisometropic Amblyopia

Volume 15, Issue 3, Summer 2018, Pages 151-160

Homa Hassankarimi; Ebrahim Jafarzadehpur; Alireza Mohamadi; Seyed Mohammad Reza Noori

192. Optimization of Imaging Parameters in Micro-CT Scanner Based On Signal-To-Noise Ratio for the Analysis of Urinary Stone Composition

Volume 17, Issue 3, May and June 2020, Pages 153-160

Leni Aziyus Fitri; Yuni Warty; Freddy Haryanto; Umar Fauzi; Fourier Latief

193. Gamma Spectrometric Analysis of Iron Ore Samples of Arak, Iran

Volume 13, Issue 3, September and October 2016, Pages 174-182

Reza Pourimani; Hamid Reza Azimi

194. Spectral Separation of Quantum Dots within Tissue Equivalent Phantom Using Linear Unmixing Methods in Multispectral Fluorescence Reflectance Imaging

Volume 9, Issue 3, September and October 2012, Pages 177-182

Ebrahim Najafzadeh; Marjaneh Hejazi; Alireza Ahmadian; Hanieh Mohamadreza

195. Speckle Noise Reduction for the Enhancement of Retinal Layers in Optical Coherence Tomography Images

Volume 12, Issue 3, September and October 2015, Pages 178-188

Fereydoon Nowshiravan Rahatabad; Elham Farzaneh Bahalgerdy

196. Quality Control Status of Radiology Centers of Hospitals Associated with Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Volume 11, Issue 1, March and April 2014, Pages 182-187

Hamid Gholamhosseinian-Najjar; Mohammad-Taghi Bahreyni-Toosi; Mohammad-Hossein Zare; Hamid-Reza Sadeghi; Hamid-Reza Sadoughi

197. Assessment of Occupational Exposure to External Radiation among Workers at the Institute of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine, Pakistan (2009-2016)

Volume 14, Issue 4, November and December 2017, Pages 197-202

Misbah Ahmad; Habib Ahmad; Muhammad Rauf Khattak; Kamran Ali Shah; Wajeeha Shaheen; Jawad Ali Shah; Shaheen Iqbal

199. Assessment of Radiation Dose to the Lens of the Eye and Thyroid of Patients Undergoing Head and Neck Computed Tomography at Five Hospitals in Mashhad, Iran

Volume 15, Issue 4, Autumn 2018, Pages 226-230

Mohammad Taghi Bahreyni Toossi; Hoda Zare; Zahra Eslami; Shahram Bayani Roodi; Mohammad Daneshdoust; Zarif Saeed; Mahdi Sedighpour; Nastaran Mohammadian; Mohammad Hashemi; Khani Afsaneh

200. Doses Received by Patients during Thorax X-Ray Examinations

Volume 9, Issue 4, November and December 2012, Pages 245-251

Nsikan U. Esen; Rachel. I. Obed