Keywords = Staphylococcus aureus
Number of Articles: 2
1. Radiolabeling of Ceftriaxone with 99mTc as a Targeting Radiopharmaceutical for Staphylococcus Aureus Detection in Mouse Model

Volume 9, Issue 2, May and June 2012, Pages 103-110

Akram Fazli; Mojtaba Salouti; Gholamreza Ahmadi; Fatemeh Mirshojaei; Mohammad Mazidi; Zahra Heydari

2. Study of Gentamicin Effect on Staphylococcus Aureus in the Presence of Electromagnetic Field

Volume 5, Issue 1,2, May and June 2008, Pages 1-8

Asghar Tanomand; Amir Afshin khaki; Hossin Mehrad; Hassan Montazam; Maghasood Kafshnochi