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Number of Articles: 3
1. Title Design of light element analysis system in BNCT and every NCT

Volume 15, Special Issue-12th. Iranian Congress of Medical Physics, November and December 2018, Pages 311-311

Jamal Amiri

2. Design and Simulation of Photoneutron Source by MCNPX Monte Carlo Code for Boron Neutron Capture Therapy

Volume 12, Issue 2, May and June 2015, Pages 129-136

Mona Zolfaghari; Mahmood Sedaghatizadeh

3. Simulation of the BNCT of Brain Tumors Using MCNP Code: Beam Designing and Dose Evaluation

Volume 9, Issue 3, September and October 2012, Pages 183-192

Fatemeh Sadat Rasouli; Seyed Farhad Masoudi