Effects of low gamma ray dose on some blood factors in adults rats

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1 Physics Dept., College of Science, Mosul University, Mosul

2 Department of Biophysics, College of Science, , University of Mosul, Mosul,IRAQ

3 Department of Physics, College of Science, University of Mosul, Mosul


Introduction: This work aims to find the effect of gamma ray radiation with low dose on the similar
hematological parameters of male albino rats as (RBCs,WBCs,Hb,PCV and Platelets ) and treated the changes in results by using an antioxidant seed such as black seed oil(Nigella Sativa) to shield the effect of these radiations
Materials and Methods: Male albanio adults rats were used in this study for which they range between 8-12 weeks old and 150- 200 gm in weight. Healthy rats were obtained from the college of veterinary in Mosul University and were kept in plastic cages supplied with plastic metal lids ( 20x30x15cm dimensions). Steps were taken to ensure good hygiene . All groups the control ( sham exposure) , Black Seed ,the gamma ray radiation exposure and Black Seed ( with Irradiation by gamma ray ambient temperature and humidity throughout the experiment) were maintained at 26 C0. ±2 and 35% ± 5%, respectively, while changing the sawdust weekly .Feeding mixture consisted of 35% wheat ,34% corn 20% soybean , 10 % protein and 1% dried milk . They were also supplied with water along the time of experimentation
Results : We found all hematological parameters significantly decease (P≤ 0.05) in all group with daily dose of 6 mGy/h at 7h/day for 25, and 50 days compared with control group except group 2, showed significant increase(P≤ 0.05) of previous parameters which was treated with black seed oil only in the first state at 400 mg/kg wt /day for 25 days. Groups 3 and 4were exposed to gamma ray two times ( daily dose 6 mGy/h at 7h /day for 25 and 50 days) .


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