Checking the quality assurance of the linear accelerator of the Star Track device by analyzing the profile of photon beams (6MV, 10MV)

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1 University of Baghdad / College of Science for Women / Department of Physics

2 Physics Department, College of Science for Women

3 Ministry of Health and Environment, Baghdad Center for Radiation Therapy and Nuclear Medicine


Introduction: According to the American Society of Radiation Oncology, all patients receive radiation therapy during their illness, where radiation is delivered by the medical linear accelerator. The aim of this study is to validation quality assurance of star track device in analyzing the dose profile was used in the treatment of cancer tumours, which is produced by the Medical Linear Accelerator
Materials and Methods: The experimental study was performed by using a linear accelerator at Baghdad Radiation Center and Nuclear Medicine laboratories. The Star Track device is used to the routine quality assurance of the linear accelerator using photon or electron beams for the reference Dmax and SSD= 100 cm. Star tracks consist of 453 ionization chambers from a sort of vented parallel plate ionization chambers for measurement dose profile for photon or electron beams.
Results: In photon beam, the Flatness Beam and Symmetry Beam for the reference field-sized 10cm×10cm did not exceed ±2 %, they were within the allowed range as well as the penumbra region which also showed a change in value that did not exceed ± 0.2 cm. the maximum difference in S.B was 0.76 % ± 2 %, the maximum difference in F.B was 1.17 % ± 2%, and of the maximum difference in Penumbra region was 0.12 ± 0.2 cm using star track method.
Conclusion: The results are promising and show that the star track device can be used in quality assurance of linear accelerator which greatly reduces time and efforts while in use at Radiation and Nuclear Medicine Center. The study has been characterized by the ability of the star track in the calculation of the characteristics of the dose profile during the time of 2500 ms and here proved his superiority on the verification devices and it is not less important than.


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