Gamma ray radiation effects on some sperm factors of male rats

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1 Physics Dept., College of Science, Mosul University, Mosul

2 Department of Biophysics, College of Science, , University of Mosul, Mosul,IRAQ

3 College of Science /Biophysics Department/University of Mosul, IRAQ


Introduction : This work studied the effect of Soft Gamma radiation with doses rate 9.1 16.2 and 36.4 mGy/h of exposure on male reproductive system of s albino rats. Materials and Methods :Twenty rats were used in the experiment ,they were randomly assigned into 4 groups of 5 animals for each group. White rats were used in this study albino rats Blub/c which range between 2-3 months of age and 170 -200 gm of weight . Healthy of these mice were obtained from the collage of veterinary in Mosul University.rats were exposed to 9.1,16.2 and 36.4 mGy/h with period of 7h/day for 90 days ,then rats were divided into 4 groups each of group contain 5 animals . group I : considered as control group were placed in cages with out exposure. group Π :Rats group were exposed to gamma ray with 9.1 mGy/h at period 7day/h for 90 days. group Ш : Rats of this group received 16.2 mGy/h at period 7day/h for 90 days. group IV : Rats of this group received 36.4 mGy/h at 7day/h for 90 days . After exposure testis were obtained from each male group and experimental carried out on the sperm. Results: The results in control group with out exposed of parameters as no. of sperm cells in epididymis , Percentage of living sperm cells. The measurements of results of the second and third groups showed the same results of parameters of the first group exactly when compared with control group . conclusion : The soft gamma ray radiation has harmful effect of physiological for reproductive system and avoid the exposure for long time about soft ionizing radiation from therapy of gamma ray or gamma ray emitted from environmental media .


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