Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 5, September and October 2019 

Original Paper

1. Use of LR-115 Detector to Measure Radon Concentrations in Milk and Tea Samples Collected From Misan Markets in Iraq

Pages 319-322

Murtadha Aswood; Mohammed Hadi. Shinen; Ali Mahi Abdul Hussin

3. In Vivo Dosimetry Using a Flat Surface Sun Nuclear Corporation Diode in 60co Beams for Some Radiotherapy Treatments in Ghana

Pages 329-335

Eric Naab Manson; Vivian Atuwo‑Ampoh; Samuel Nii Tagoe; Emmanuel Fiagbedzi; Eric K.T Addison; Cyril Schandorf

4. New Method of Quality Control Test for Light and Radiation Field Coincidence in Medical Linear Accelerators

Pages 336-340

Mahdi Heravian Shandiz; Ghorban Safaeian Layen; Mohammad-Hossein Bahreyni-Toosi; Ali Feyzi; Amir Hossein Ziaei

7. Dosimetric Effect Resulting From the Collimator Angle, the Isocenter Move, and the Gantry Angle Errors

Pages 355-361

YASSINE OULHOUQ; abdeslem rrhioua; Mustapha Zerfaoui; Dikra Bakari

8. Optimization of Natural Rhenium Irradiation Time to Produce Compositional Radiopharmaceutical

Pages 362-367

zahra pourhabib; Hassan Ranjbar; Ali Bahrami Samani; AliAsghar Shokri

12. Comparison of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy and Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiotherapy in Postoperative High-Grade Glioma: A Dosimetric Comparison

Pages 385-391

Harikesh B Singh; Ajeet Kumar Gandhi; Shantanu Sapru; Rohini Khurana; Rahat Hadi; Sambit S Nanda; Satyajeet Rath; Avinav Bharati; Anoop Kumar Srivastava; Surendera P Mishra; Kamal Sahni; Nuzhat Husain; Madhup Rastogi