Effect of Gamma Radiation on Some Sperm Factors of Male Rats

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1 Department of Biophysics, College of Science, , University of Mosul, Mosul,IRAQ

2 Physics Dept., College of Science, Mosul University, Mosul

3 College of Science /Biophysics Department/University of Mosul, IRAQ


Introduction: The present study investigatedthe risks of ionizing radiation on sperm counts in chronic doses and compared the findings with previous results in similar and different conditions to minimize oxidant stress on sperm parameters rather than using black seed oil.
Material and Methods: Twenty rats were used in experimental designs 1 and allocated unordered to four groups. Each group included five. The ranges of 2-3 months and 170 -200 g, respectively .The healthy rats were obtained from the University of Mosul ,Iraq .Experimental design 2, was conducted on  50 rats .The rats were exposed to three different doses for 30 days similar to those of experimental design 1. Oral black seed oil was administrated a dose of 20 mg/kg  in group 2 .
Results: In experimental design 1, there was a significant decrease in sperm count, live sperm percentage and normal sperm percentages respectively. However a significant increase was observed in dead sperm and abnormal sperm percentages in experimental design 1.The administration of black seed oil  in excremental design 2 improved all the parameters with reducing abnormal and dead sperm counts rather than increasing normal and live sperm counts at all doses .
Conclusion: The use of black seed reduce the oxidative stress caused by low dose gamma radiation .Therefore , this substance can be used as a therapeutic option for the treatment  of several type of cancer especially those under the treatment of low dose gamma radiation through enhancement of  protection for a long time.


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