Impacts of Increasing Number of IMRT Beams on Heart’s Dose-Distribution in Left Breast Irradiation: Dosimetric Study

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1 1.Dr.C.V.Raman University,Kota,Bilaspur (C.G.) 2.Apollo Hospitals Bilaspur (C.G.)

2 Dr.C.V.Raman University (C.G.)

3 Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Mumbai


Objectives: The main objective of this study was to assess the impacts of increasing number of IMRT beams on cardiac dose-distribution in left-sided breast irradiation so that we can reduce heart’s mean dose up to clinically acceptable level.
Materials and Methods: For this study 107 female patients, diagnosed with left-sided breast cancer were selected retrospectively. In 107 patients, there were 52 patients of chest wall irradiation including supra-clavicular fossa, while 22 patients were of breast conserving surgery excluding supra-clavicular fossa and internal mammary lymph nodes, and 33 patients were of chest wall irradiation including internal mammary lymph nodes and supra-clavicular fossa. Exclusion criteria were previous history of left-sided breast radiation therapy, uncommon fractionated dose delivered in past, indication of palliative radiation therapy. Intensity modulated radiotherapy plans were generated using 7, 9 and11 beams for each patient and prescribed dose was 40.05 Gy in 15 fractions (2.67 Gy /fraction) for the targets.
Heart: V5Gy(cc): This was low-dose volume of our study in which 11-bIMRT technique yielded better result as compared to 9- and 7-bIMRT. Maximum and minimum values of V5 were found 539.60cc in 9-bIMRT and 141.32cc in 11-bIMRT techniques respectively. V25Gy(cc): The maximum value of V25Gy was found 41.73cc in 7-bIMRT technique, while the lowest value was 0.29cc in 11-bIMRT. The IMRT technique with 11 beams showed comparatively better result on this parameter as well as 3-5cc volume of V25Gy was spared. Mean dose (Gy): Maximum value of mean dose was found 8.51Gy in 7-bIMRT while it was 6.53Gy in 11-bIMRT technique.
Conclusions: The study indicates that increasing number of IMRT beams reduces heart’s high-dose volume and improves quality of treatment plans. It is judicious to use 11-bIMRT technique in left-sided breast irradiation as it produces clinically acceptable mean heart dose.


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