Assessment the performances of four commercial treatment planning systems for simultaneous integrated boost IMRT of prostate cancer

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1 Medical physicist ; National Cancer Institute, cairo university Fayoum International hospital, fayoum, Egypt

2 Prof. of Medical physics ; National Cancer Institute, cairo university & children'n Cancer Hospital ,Egypt

3 Department of Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine, National Cancer Institute, Cairo ‎University, Cairo, Egypt

4 Medical Physicist at National Cancer Institute, Cairo, Egypt. Medical Physicist at Fayoum International Hospital, Fayoum, Egypt.

5 Lecture of Biostatistics at Department of biostatistics and epidemiology



The aim of this study was using the Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) technique for prostate cancer patients to evaluate the effectiveness of four different commercial Treatment Planning Systems (TPS): (Eclipse, Monaco, Ray plan and Prowess) in terms of dose Conformality Index, Homogeneity Index, the dose distributions, the mean dose, the maximum dose, number of segments in each plan for each TPS, Monitor Units per fraction for each plan for each TPS, coverage of the PTVs and avoidance of Organs At Risk (OARs) for Simultaneous Integrated Boost (SIB) for cancer prostate treatment plans.

Methods: CT images and volumes structure of 10 patients were used to make IMRT plans. The target volume’s structure was contoured according to RTOG 0534 protocol. Fixed beam geometry and clinical goals were set for all individual patient plans. The results were analyzed in terms of dosimitric parameters, number of segments and monitor units per segments.

Results: All TPSs achieve similar coverage, dose distributions of the PTVs. For PTV60 Eclipse achieved the lowest coverage relative to other planning and the nearest mean dose to prescription dose and significant difference relative to other planning. For PTV 44 Ray plan achieved the best coverage with significant difference relative to other systems but Eclipse achieved the nearest mean dose to prescribed dose with significant difference relative to ray plan. Prowess achieved the lowest MU/fraction with significant difference relative to Monaco the highest in Mus and the lowest possible number of segments.


The four planning systems achieve a close dose distributions and conformation number but there is a significant difference in total segments per fraction and total monitor units per fraction in which it can effect on the long life of the machine and the session treatment time.


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