Anatomical Information Quality Control of a Radiotherapy Treatment Planning System

Document Type : Original Paper


1 Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt.

2 Clinical Oncology and Nuclear Medicine Department, Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Egypt

3 Clinical Oncology &Nuclear Medicine Dept., Faculty of Medicine, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt.

4 Physics Department, Faculty of Science, Mansoura University, Mansoura, Egypt


Introduction: To determine radiotherapy accuracy and prevent treatment errors, quality assurance is crucial during the planning phase of radiation therapy. Therefore, the goal of this study was to create criteria for the routine quality control assessment of radiation treatment planning systems TPS to assess their effectiveness and accuracy.
Material and Methods: In this study, we used a Prowess Panther treatment planning system TPS (version 5.51), a Siemens model Somatom Confidence computed tomography simulator, an anthropomorphic Alderson-Rando phantom, and a density phantom made from a CTDI head phantom by inserting plugs that mimicked human tissue. The TPS features include hardware, transmitted CT images (anatomical information), and key software operations; however, in this investigation, we focused exclusively on the tests involving anatomical information.
Results: The Prowess Panther RTPS version 5.51 workstation consistently met the requisite quality where all results of the radiation treatment planning systems (Prowess Panther RTPS) anatomical information tests were satisfactory and acceptable.
Conclusion: By averting several radiation-related events, the recommendations for TPS CT image quality control testing made in this study will assist to increase the safety and effectiveness of cancer radiotherapy.


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