Evaluation of Organ and Effective Doses to Patients Arising From Some Common X-Ray Examinations by PCXMC Program in Sabzevar, Iran

Document Type : Original Paper


Medical Physics Department, Faculty of Medicine, Mashhad University of Medical Sciences, Mashhad, Iran


The purpose of this study was to estimate organ and effective doses in patients undergoing some common X-ray examinations in Sabzevar, Iran. The effective dose is one of the best parameters for describing the amount of radiation dose received by a patient undergoing any diagnostic X-ray examination. The public dose from X-ray examinations depends on various factors, and its contribution to the overall public dose from medical applications widely varies in different societies; however, in Iran, limited data is available on this subject.
Materials and Methods
In the present study, we aimed to estimate organ and effective doses arising from some common X-ray examinations on patients. Organ and effective doses were calculated by employing PCXMC program, based on Monte Carlo method.
The mean effective doses in this study were compared with similar findings reported in previous research. The applied methods in different studies are the main factors, which influence the effective dose values.
Radiation doses to radiosensitive organs such as the ovaries, testicles, and thyroid may induce harmful effects, e.g., cancer and genetic effects. Therefore, we should try to maintain the organ doses as low as possible.


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