Effects of Mobile Phone Radiation on Surface Tension and Volume Flow Rate of Human Blood groups

Document Type : Original Paper


1 Biophysics Research Laboratory, Department of Physics, Nizam College (Autonomous), Osmania University, Hyderabad – 500 001, India

2 2. Biophysics Research Laboratory, Department of Physics, Nizam College (Autonomous), Osmania University, Hyderabad – 500 001, India.


Introduction: The great use of electrical appliances in different life applications is one of the most obvious concerns because of its possible health drawbacks. These investigation reports results of electromagnetic field effect emitted from mobile phones on some biophysical parameters of human blood belonging to blood groups A, B, AB & O collected from the normal persons. The parameters observed are surface tension, volume flow rate of blood. This article displays a comparative data of the above parameters for control group and test group.
Materials and Methods: The blood samples were collected from healthy persons and stored in heparin as anticoagulant. The test samples were exposed with mobile phone up to 1 hour with the interval of 15 min. The parameters such as surface tension and volume flow rate of normal and irradiated blood samples were measured using capillary viscometer, developed at Biophysics Laboratory, Nizam College, Osmania University, Hyderabad, India.
Results: It is interesting to note that surface tension of blood, irrespective of blood group, is increased significantly, when blood exposed to radiation produced by mobile phone. Volume flow rate decreases significantly in A, B and AB blood groups, and increases in blood group O, when blood exposed to radiation produced by mobile phone.
Conclusion: Mobile phone radiation has significant effect on surface tension and volume flow rate of human blood of different blood groups. 


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