Volume & Issue: Volume 5, Issue 1,2, May and June 2008 

Original Paper

Study of Gentamicin Effect on Staphylococcus Aureus in the Presence of Electromagnetic Field

Pages 1-8

Asghar Tanomand; Amir Afshin khaki; Hossin Mehrad; Hassan Montazam; Maghasood Kafshnochi

Determination of Dosimetric Parameters of the Second Model of Pd-103 Seed Manufactured at Agricultural, Medical and Industrial Research School

Pages 9-22

Gholamreza Raisali; Mahdi Sadeghi; Vahideh Ataeinia; Arjang Shahvar; Maryam Ghasemi Ghonchehnazi

Investigation of the Field Size Effect on Wedge Field Isodose Curves Angle for Two Energies; 6 & 18 MV, produced by VARIAN 2100C Linac

Pages 35-43

Mohammad Javad T ahmasebi; Mohammad Ali Behrooz; Shole Arvandi; Davood khezerloo; Mojtaba karbalai

The Measurement of Low Frequency Magnetic Field of Two Kinds of GSM900 Mobile Phone

Pages 43-53

Mehri Kaviani Moghadam; , Seyed Mohammad Jafar Pourmir Firoozabadi; M. Lak; M. Janahmadi