Volume & Issue: Volume 16, Issue 2, March and April 2019 

Original Paper

Measurement of Natural Radioactivity in Certain Types of Nut Samples in Iraq

Pages 120-125

Ali A Abojassim; Rosul hadi hashem

Organ Dose Measurement in Computed Tomography Using Thermoluminescence Dosimeter in Locally Developed Phantoms

Pages 126-132

Michael Onoriode Akpochafor; SAMUEL OLAOLU ADENEYE; Muhammad Yaqub Habeebu; AKINTAYO OMOJOLA; Nusirat Adedewe; Aderonke Adedokun; Dare Adewa; SUNDAY OLUWAFEMI AJIBADE; Victor Ekpo; Moses Adebayo Aweda

Estimation of Radon Exhalation Rate, Radium Activity and Uranium Concentration in Biscuit Samples in Iraq

Pages 152-157

Laith Ahmed Najam; abdalsattar Kareem Hashim; Elham Jasim Mohammed; Ammar Salah Hameed

Dosimetric Study of Tissue Heterogeneity Correction for Breast Conformal Radiotherapy

Pages 179-188

Dina Sinousy; Ehab Attalla; Magda Sayed Hanafy; Hassan Shafik Abouelenein; Mohamed Abdelmajeed; Mohamed Osama