Evaluation of the simultaneous presence of aluminum chloride and 50 Hz magnetic field on the antioxidant capacity of blood hemoglobin and plasma in rat’s protective role of Myrtus plant

Document Type : Conference Proceedings


1 Ph. D of Medical Physics. Assistant professor, Department of Medical Physics and Radiotherapy, Arak university of Medical Sciences and Khansari hospital, Arak, Iran.

2 Ph. D of Biochemestry. Department of Biochemistry and Genetics, School of Medicine, Arak University of Medical Sciences, Arak, Iran

3 Medicine Student, Hamedan University of Medical Sciences, Hamedan, Iran.


Introduction: Physical factors such as electromagnetic fields and chemical agents such as aluminum compounds can act as oxidative stress inducer. In the present study synergistic and toxic effects of aluminum in the presence of an alternating electromagnetic field is investigated. In order to make the protection the extract of Myrtus Communis was used
Materials and Methods: In this experiment, there were 6 groups as follows: 1) control group 2) Aluminum chloride (8mg / kg) 3) the magnetic field (50 Hz and 1mT) 4) Aluminum chloride + magnetic field 5) Aluminum chloride + extract (1.5 mg/ kg) 6) A group that only receives the extract.7) magnetic field + aluminum chloride + extract. aluminum choloride was given intraperitoneally. The extract of Myrtus Communis (1.5 mg / kg) 2 hours before the injection by gavage was given to them. After experiments the blood samples were collected then Changes in the structure of hemoglobin, FRAP and MDA tests were performed
Results: Exposure to electromagnetic field and aluminum chloride individually can reduce FRAP values (90.47±2.39, 73.36±1.89, 76.45±1.36, 68.27±1.32, 82.52±1.01, 80.22±1.44) (P <0.01) and increase in the amount of MDA(18.13±0.67, 12.25±0.19, 14.62±0.37, 8.54±0.57, 13.51±0.75, 12.38±0.35) (P <0.01). in case of aluminum chloride and magnetic field the synergistic effects of oxidative stress was enhanced (P <0.01). In all the above cases, the herbal extract can improve significantly the harmful effects (P <0.01)
Conclusion: Each of Electromagnetic Fields and aluminum chloride can act as oxidizing agents, The combined effect of these two physical and chemical factors can act synergical and Cause biological damage.Treatment with extract Myrtus Communis can provide the protection against oxidative damage.