Volume & Issue: Volume 15, Special Issue-12th. Iranian Congress of Medical Physics, November and December 2018 

Conference Proceedings

1. Multifunctional MIL-S─CUR@FC nanoparticles: a targeted theranostic agent for magnetic resonance imaging and tumor targeted delivery of curcumin

Pages 1-1

Sadegh Dehghani; Maryam Hosseini; Nader Riahi Alam; Soheila Haghgoo; Tohid Mortezazadeh

2. Public exposure to natural radiation sources (Ramsar Case Study)

Pages 2-2

Nasrin Fathabadi; Ali Akbar Salehi; Kazem Naddafi; Mohammad Reza Kardan; Masud Yunesian; Ramin Nabizadeh Nodehi; Mohammad Reza Deevband; Molood Gooniband Shooshtari

3. Patient absorbed dose comparison in CT and Stereoradiography (EOS) imaging during lower limb torsion evaluation using in-vivo and in-vitro dosimetry methods

Pages 3-3

Mahdieh Ghadimi; Ali Parach; Fatollah Bouzarjomehri; Reza Nafisi Moghadam; Seyed Mohammad Jalil Abrisham

4. Comparison of entrance skin dose in the hip region in the imaging of the lower extremity by CT scan and EOS

Pages 4-4

Mahdieh Ghadimi; Ali Parach; Fatollah Bouzarjomehri; Reza Nafisi-Moghadam; Seyed Mohammad Jalil Abrisham

5. Effect of BTS on the quality of sleep and life of nearby residents

Pages 5-5

Fateme Seif; Mahsa SHakeri; Mohammad Reza Bayatiani; Azadeh Amraee

6. Designing and developing an in-house CCD based optical CT scanner for gel dosimetry

Pages 6-6

Mahmoud Shiri; Ahmad Mostaar; Zahra Mansouri; Seyed Mohsen Sadat-Shahabi

7. Radiation dose of Pediatrics in a general hospital in comparison to a pediatrics hospital

Pages 7-7

Ahmad Mohammadbeigi; Karim Khoshgard; Abbas Haghparast; Mohammad Taghi Eivazi; Masoud Rezaei

8. Fricke Gel Dose Indicators Applicable for Blood Irradiators

Pages 8-8

Elham Edalatkhah; Peiman Rezaeian

11. Development of a Phase Space Generator software for Medical Linear Accelerator Applications

Pages 11-11

Mohammad Taghi Batiar; Mohammad Mohammadi; Marziyeh Behmadi; Mahdi Ghorbani

12. Multifunctional GQDs-Coated Fe/Bi Nanohybrids for CT/MR Dual Imaging and in vitro Photothermal Therapy

Pages 12-12

Samireh Badrigilan; Behrouz Shaabani; Nahideh Ghareh aghaji; Asghar Mesbahi

13. Non-invasive quantification of liver fat content by different Gradient Echo MRI sequences in patients with Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease (NAFLD)

Pages 13-13

Mansour Zabihzadeh; Mohammad Momen Gharibvand; Azim Motamedfar; Amir Hossein Sina; Zahra Farzanegan; Mozafar Naserpour

14. Experimental evaluation of thermal stability of PS- MWCNT nanocomposite as a real-time dosimeter

Pages 14-14

Armin Mosayebi; Shahryar Malekie; Farhood Ziaie; Hamide Daneshvar

15. EPID in vivo Dosimetry

Pages 15-15

Mahdi Mohammadi; Abbas Haghparast

16. Calculating weighting factors for mixing megavoltage photon beams to achieve desirable dose distribution in Radiotherapy

Pages 16-16

Mohammad Javad Tahmasebi Birgani; Nahid Chegeni; Marziyeh Tahmasbi; Maryam Hazbavi

17. Skin in vivo Dosimetry in Radiotherapy

Pages 17-17

Mahdi Mohammadi; Razieh Zaghian; abbas haghparast

20. Radioiodination of a natural toxin (ICD-85) for fighting cancer

Pages 20-20

Seyed Pezhman Shirmardi; Mostafa Erfani; Zahra Pakdin Parizi; Abbas Zare Mirakabadi; Reza Bagheri

21. A Specific Patient Quality Assurance (PSQA) procedure for a Co-60 source based High Dose Rate Brachytherapy

Pages 21-21

Mohammad Hadi Gholami; Mohammad Mohammadi; Ramin Jaberi; Abdolazim Sedighi

22. Respiratory motion correction in prostate cancer positron emission tomography: A study on patients and phantom simulation

Pages 22-22

Khadijeh Bamneshin; Ahmad Bitarafan rajabi; Seied Rabi Mahdavi; Parham Geramifar; Seied Mohsen Shahabi

23. Localization of electron virtual SSD in a Siemens-Primus linear accelerator: Comparison of measurements with Monte Carlo simulation

Pages 23-23

Mohammad Hadi Gholami; Mohammad Mohammadi; Alireza Khoshghadam; Abdolazim Sedighi

25. Automatic Segmentation of the Gross Tumor Volume in Prostate Carcinoma Using Fuzzy Clustering in Gallium-68 PSMA PET/CT Scan

Pages 25-25

Khadijeh Bamneshin; Ahmad Bitarafan rajabi; Seied Rabi Mahdavi; Parham Geramifar

26. A local study on diagnostic reference levels estimation for children computed tomography

Pages 26-26

Reza Afzalipour; Hamid Abdollahi; Salman Jafari; Seied Rabi Mahdavi

27. Evaluating variation of Hot Spot Location in order to radiobiological calculation of Organ at Risk in High-dose- rate Brachytherapy of Cervical Cancer

Pages 27-27

Ramin Jaberi; Mohammad Hadi Gholami; Abdolazim Sedighi; Mohammad Mohammadi; Razieh Zaghiyan

29. Assessment of two different dose distribution algorithms (Clarkson and Superposition) in PCRT3D treatment planning system for Esophagus Cancer by using 3DCRT technique

Pages 29-29

Malihe Rezaie Yazdi; Maryam Rezaie Yazdi; Fathollah Bouzarjomehri; Narges Kheirollahi; Payam Izadpanahi; Ahmadreza Sebzari; Kaveh Shirani Tak Abi

31. Generating the synthetic CT (sCT) and synthetic MR (sMR: sT1w/sT2w) images of the brain using atlas based method

Pages 31-31

Fariba Farhadi Birgani; Mohamad Javad Tahmasebi Birgani; Fatemeh Maghsoodinia; Roghayeh Kamran Samani

34. Comparison and evaluation of dosimetric and radiobiological parameters in two different treatment plans in stomach cancer by use of 3D CRT

Pages 34-34

Maryam Rezaie Yazdi; Malihe Rezaie Yazdi; Kaveh Shirani Tak Abi; Hassan Ali Nedaie; Narges Kheirollahi; Payam Izadpanahi; Reza KhodaBakhshi; Farid Nezhad Dadgar

35. Evaluation of methods of co-segmentation on PET/CT images of lung tumor: simulation study

Pages 35-35

Elham Kashian; Hadi Taleshi Ahangari; Vahab Dehlaghi; Karim Khoshgard; Pardis Ghafarian; Hossein Mousavie Anijdan; Shiva Zarifi

36. Optimum neutron energy simulation in treatment of head and neck cancer at different depths in the BNCT method

Pages 36-36

Fateme Sabery Balajaddeh; Mohadeseh Golshanian; Vahid Zanganeh

37. Comparison between MRS and DWI in MRI of breast cancer

Pages 37-37

Zohreh Bidari; Zeynab Yazdi Sotoodeh; Fatemeh shahraki

40. Verification of MRI MAGAT polymer gel dosimetry in clinical radiotherapy applications

Pages 40-40

Ghorban Safaeian; Mohammad Taghi Bahreyni Toossi; Mohammad Hosein Bahreyni Toossi; Shahram Bayani; Mina Nouri

42. Measuring the Nitroglycerine-Induced Vasodilation in Carotid Arteries

Pages 42-42

Zahra Taheri; Nasser Fatouraee; Malikeh Nabaei; Effat Soleimani

43. Use of Apoptotic Biomarkers to Predict Response to Radiotherapy in Breast Cancer Patients

Pages 42-42

Hosein Azimian; Mohammad Taghi Bahreyni Toossi; Mahdieh Dayyani; Mahmoud Mahmoudi

44. Breast Radiation Protection in Coronary Angiography

Pages 44-44

Reza Malekzadeh; Parinaz Mehnati; Mohammad Yousefi Sooteh; Ali Tarighatnia; Yagub Khalegi Fard

45. Residual DNA double strand breaks correlates with excess acute toxicity from radiotherapy

Pages 45-45

Hosein Azimian; Mohammad Taghi Bahreyni Toossi; Mahdieh Dayyani; Mahmoud Mahmoudi

47. Synergetic Effects of the Combination of Gold Nanoparticles and Ultrasound Wave on HeLa Cells

Pages 47-47

Hadi Akbari Zadeh; Ahmad Shanei; Hamid Fakhimikabir; Neda Attaran

48. Unfolding X-ray spectrum in the diagnostic range using the Monte Carlo Code MCNP5

Pages 48-48

Zeinab Shafahi; Sedigheh Sina; Reza Faghihi

49. Radiation- induced cognitive impairments

Pages 49-49

Soheila Refahi; Hakimeh Saadati; Mohsen Mohammadi; Meysam Siyah Mansoory

50. Tinnitus Identification based on Brain Network Analysis of EEG Functional Connectivity

Pages 50-50

Fahimeh Mohagheghian; Bahador Makkiabadi; Hamid Jalilvand; Hassan Khajehpoor; Nasser Samadzadehaghdam; Ehsan Eqlimi; Mohammad Reza Deevband

53. Evaluation of the use of gold nanoparticle as contrast agent in electrical impedance imaging

Pages 53-53

Mohsen Ostovari; Nader Riahi Alam; Mohammad Momen Gharibvand; Mojtaba Hoseini; mansour zabihzadeh

54. Dosimetric Evaluation of Dose calculation algorithms of Monaco Treatment Planning System in the heterogeneities area

Pages 54-54

Nasibeh Kavousi; Hassan Ali Nedaie; Somayeh Gholami; Mahbod Esfahani

57. Radiosensitization of breast cancer cells using AS1411 aptamer-conjugated gold nanoparticles

Pages 57-57

Bijan Hashemi; Somayeh Sadat Mehrnia; Seyed Javad Mowla; Azim Arbabi; Maryam Nikkhah

58. Improvement ability of EIT for Thermal monitoring during Thermal Therapy by gold nanoparticles

Pages 58-58

Mohsen Ostovari; Nader Riahi Alam; Mohammad Momen Gharibvand; Amir Danyaei; Mansour Zabihzadeh

59. A prospective radiobiological study of acute esophagitis and swallowing dysfunction in head-and-neck radiotherapy

Pages 59-59

Elahe Fathipour; Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi; Mansour Ansari; Mohammad Mohammadianpanah; Mohammad Reza Sasani; Pyman Jafari

61. Hadron Therapy in Iran: Patient Indication Estimation and Challenges Ahead

Pages 61-61

Mohammad Amin Hosseini; Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi; Mohammad Zare-Bandeamiri; Mohammad Mohammadianpanah

62. Organ dose in kidney imaging with contrast media

Pages 62-62

Parinaz Mehnati; Samad Ghasemi; Mohammad Reza Ardalan; Fariba Mahmood Poor

67. The Correlation between Cell Phone over Use and Aggression

Pages 67-67

Mohamad Reza Bayatiani; Fatemeh Seif

68. A feasibility study on the use of MV-CBCT images for urgent palliative treatment planning

Pages 68-68

Mehdi Jamali; Mehdi Momennezhad; Fateme Shahedi; Shahrokh Naseri

70. Radiation protection properties of Myrtus communis against oxidation caused by whole-body exposure of mice

Pages 70-70

Fatemeh Seif; Mohamad Reza Bayatiani; Hadi Ansarihadipour; Ghasem Habibi

71. Measuring the Skyshine from Linear accelerator in Rajaee Oncology Hospital

Pages 71-71

Soodeh Satayi Mokhtari; Ali shabestani Monfared; Kourosh Arbabi; Shahvar A; Fatemeh Niksirat; Kourosh Ebrahimnejad Gorji; Werya Parwaie

76. Investigation of acoustic properties of silica coated gold nanoparticle as contrast agent for Ultrasonography

Pages 76-76

Narges Kheirollahi; Ali Shakeri-Zadeh; Maryam Rezaie Yazdi; Alireza Mehdizade; Parisa Pishdad

77. Dose Reduction Methods in Chest Computed Tomography

Pages 77-77

Vida sargazi; zeynab yazdi sotode; jalal ordoni

78. Measure and calculation the specific absorption rate due to 900MHz waves in the brain, skin, fat and bone tissues

Pages 78-78

Fatemeh Seif; Mohamad Reza Bayatiani; Nayer sadat Mostafavi; Mahsa Shakeri

79. Investigation the potential of Boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) to treat the lung cancer

Pages 79-79

Mansour Zabihzadeh; Mohammad Ali Behrooz; Amir Danyaei; Hojattolah Shabazian; Farnaz Rahimli

80. New Physical Approaches combined with nanoparticles in Leishmania major Treatment

Pages 80-80

Elham Dolat; Khadije Mayelifar; Sajedeh Yadegari-Dehkordi; Ahmad Reza Taheri; Ameneh Sazgarnia

83. Dual frequency ultrasound-enhanced tissue plasminogen activator thrombolysis in an in vitro human clot model

Pages 83-83

Mosayyeb Mobasheri; Manijhe Mokhtari-Dizaji; Tayebeh Toliyat; Masoud Mehrpour

85. Study of the therapeutic effect of fullerene nanoemulsion on wrinkle repair of C57BL6 mouse animal model with high frequency imaging

Pages 85-85

Mohadese Estaji; Manijhe Mokhtari-Dizaji; Mansoureh Movahedin; Arash Padash; Sahar Ghaffari Khaligh

87. Thyroid dose and dose reduction method from CT scan of head and neck

Pages 87-87

Fatemeh Shahraki; Vida Sargazi; Zohre Bidari; Jalal Ordoni

89. Radiothermotherapy for glioblastoma multiforme: A preliminary study

Pages 89-89

Leila Khalafi; Seied Rabie Mahdavi

91. Quantification the dosimetric parameters of asymmetric physical wedged-6MV photon beam

Pages 91-91

Mansour Zabihzadeh; Seyed Mohammad Hoseini; Sholeh Arvandi; Mojtaba Hoseini- Ghahfarokhi; hamideh mazraeh; Farnaz Rahimli; Mahbube Fadaei

93. Combined Effects of 528 Hz Sound and X-ray in Peripheral Blood Lymphocytes

Pages 93-93

Afshin Nejadjahantigh; Kourosh Ebrahimnejad Gorji; Ali Shabestani Monfared; Ebrahim Zabihi; Zeinab Abedian; Elahe Bakhtiari; Sajad Borzoueisileh

97. Diagnosis of patients with Parkinson's disease using quantitative susceptibility mapping

Pages 97-97

Ahmad Mohammadbeigi; Vahid Shahmaei; Friborz Faeghi; Hassan Hashemi; Farzad Ashrafi

98. The Effect of FEW Scatter Correction Method in In-111 Imaging

Pages 98-98

Mahsa Noori-Asl; somayeh Sotoudeh

99. Construction of an Equivalent Chest Homogeneous Phantom for Evaluation of Image Quality in Pediatric Radiography

Pages 99-99

Fereshte Rahmani; Behzad Mohsenzadeh; Zeinab Kaveh; Mohammad Reza Deevband; Leila azimi

100. Design and Fabrication Process of MTF Phantom CT Scan

Pages 100-100

Behzad Mohsenzadeh; Mohammad Reza Deevband

101. Evaluation of the accuracy of calculated dose with the EPL and ETAR algorithms using thorax CIRS phantom.

Pages 101-101

Mansour Zabihzadeh; Syyed Mohammad Hoseini; Sasan Razmjoo; Sholeh Arvandi; Mozafar Naserpour; Azizollah Rahimi

102. Improvement of dose delivery with loading of tumor with gold nanoparticles in orthovoltage radiotherapy

Pages 102-102

Mansour Zabihzadeh; Mohammad Ali Behrooz; Mehdi Ghorbani; Courtney Knaup; Mozafar Naserpour; Toktam Moshirian

105. Calculation of wedged dose distributions using an analytical method

Pages 105-105

Mahdie Behjati; Mostafa Sohrabpour; Seyed Pezhman Shirmardi; Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi; Fathollah Bouzarjomehri

107. Transcranial near-infrared phtobiomodulation causes anti-depressive and anti- anxiety effects in mice model of depression

Pages 107-107

Emad Eshaghi; Saeed Sadigh-Eteghad; Gisou Mohaddes; Reza Meinaghizadeh Zargar; Seyed Hossein Rasta

109. Characterization of electron density of the real tissues for radiotherapy planning using dual energy algorithm and stoichiometric calibration method

Pages 109-109

Mohammad J Thahmasebi Birgani; Maziyar Mahdavi; Mansour Zabihzadeh; Mehrzad Lotfi; Mohammad A Mosleh-Shirazi

110. Dose distribution of protons and flux of secondary particles in breast proton therapy.

Pages 110-110

Fateme Maroufkhani; Seyed Mohammad Mahdi Abtahi

111. Gamma Radiation Measurement due to Natural Radioactivity in Hot Water Spring of Behbahan

Pages 111-111

Foad Goli Ahmadabad; Behrouz Rasuli; Raheleh Tabari Juybari; Susan Ebam; Meysam Forouzi

112. The Effect of Panoramic Radiography on the Diagnosis of Lesions in Dentistry and Its Effect on Cumulative Dose

Pages 112-112

Mohammad Rasoul Tohidnia; Rasool Azmoonfar; Setareh Alikhani; Fatemeh Amiri; Rajab Ghanbari

113. The Evaluation of Radio-sensitivity Effect of Hydroxyapatite Nanopartical on MCF-7 and Fibroblast Cell Line

Pages 113-113

Mitra Soleimani; Fatemeh Elmi; Ladan Barari; Seyyed Hossein Mousavie Anijdan; Maryam Mitra Elmi

114. Effect of gold nanoparticles on dose enhancement of 6 Mv X-rayin MAGIC_f polymer gel dosimeter

Pages 114-114

Fatemeh Sadat Ghoreshi; Jaber Beik; Issac Shiri; Keikhosro Keshavarzi; Seyed Rabee Mahdi Mahdavi

115. Assessment of compliance levels of effective doses in pediatric CT

Pages 115-115

Dheyauldeen Shabeeb; Ahmed Eleojo Musa

117. Laser safety importance in clinical laser applications

Pages 117-117

Afshan Shirkavand; Leila Ataie Fashtami; Ezeddin Mohajerani; Nasrin Zand

118. stimate bowtie filter shape in PET/CT scan with TLD

Pages 118-118

Nematollah Ahmadi; Alireza Karimian; Mehdi Nasri Nasrabadi; Arman Rahmim

122. Cytotoxicity of 5-ALA-conjugated bismuth oxidenanoparticles on KB cell line

Pages 122-122

Fatemeh Akbarzadeh; Karim Khoshgard; Leila Hosseinzadeh; Elham Arkan

123. A New Method for Estimating of Patient Effective Dose in Computed Tomography Based on Body Mass Index: Performance of the Method in Abdomen-Pelvic Examination

Pages 123-123

Mohammad Hossein Jamshidi; Mohammad Reza Deevband; Mohammad Javad Tahmasebi Birgani; Ali Yadollahpour; Morteza Tahmasebi

125. Dosimetric and Radiobiological Evaluation of Multiparametric MRI-guided Dose Painting in radiotherapy of Prostate Cancer

Pages 125-125

Iraj Abedi; Mohammad Bagher Tavakkoli; Keyvan Jabbari; Alireza Amouheidari; Ghasem Yadegar-far

126. Magnetic hyperthermia and MRI relaxometry with dendrimer coated iron oxide nanoparticles

Pages 126-126

Marzieh Salimi; Saeed Sarkar; Samaneh Fathi; Reza Saber

132. Development and Characterization of Synthetic Tissue- Equivalent Material for CT Imaging Applications

Pages 132-132

Sadegh Shurche; Nader Riahi Alam; Mohamad Yousefi Sooteh

133. Fabrication of New 3D Phantom for Measuring Geometric Distortion in Magnetic Resonance Imaging System

Pages 133-133

Sadegh Shurche; Nader Riahi Alam; Mohamad Yousefi Sooteh

134. Magnetic Graphene Oxide Nanocarrier as a drug delivery vehicle for MRI monitored magnetic targeting of rat brain tumors

Pages 134-134

Sakine Shirvalilou; Samideh Khoei; Sepideh Khoee; Soraya Emamgholizadeh Minaei

135. Formulation of temozolomide by folic acid-conjugated tri-block copolymer nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery

Pages 135-135

Soraya Emamgholizadeh Minaei; Samideh Khoei; Sepideh Khoee; Sakine shirvalilou

137. Using Zirconium Borohydride as Neutron Shield in LINAC head

Pages 137-137

Mohammad Ashrafinia; Asghar Hadadi; Dariush Sardari; Elham Saeedzadeh

138. Neutron Contamination Unexpected Dose in Varian LINAC

Pages 138-138

Mohammad Ashrafinia; Asghar Hadadi; Dariush Sardari; Elham Saeedzadeh

140. Reduction of photon contamination in electron therapy of cancer with magnetic fields

Pages 140-140

Mohammad Javad Tahmasebibirgani; Mohammad Ali Behrooz; Mansour Zabihzadeh; Hojatollah Shahbazian; Reza Maskani; Jafar Fatahiasl; Nahid Chegeni

142. Radiolabeling and Biodistribution of new dual modality nanoparticle probe in Nuclear Medicine

Pages 142-142

Saleh Salehi Zahabi; Hossein Rajabi; Samira Rasaneh

143. Review and Performance Comparison of Lead-Free Shields and Lead Shields, In Terms of Biological Effects in Nuclear Medicine by the Comet Method

Pages 143-143

mohsen bakhshandeh; Masoomeh Barzegar Ziyarani; Mehdi Allahbakhshian-Farsani; Ehsan Bakhshandeh; Nezhat Shakeri

145. Commissioning the First Mobile Dedicated Accelerator for Intraoperative Electron Radiotherapy in Iran

Pages 145-145

Hamid Reza Baghani; Mostafa Robatjazi; Seyed Rabi Mahdavi

149. Mega Voltage Cone Beam Computed Tomography (MV- CBCT) using a Standard Medical Linear Accelerator and EPID: A feasibility study.

Pages 149-149

Fateme Shahedi; Mahdi Mommen nezhad; Hossein Akbari; Mahdi Jamali; shahrokh Nasseri

150. Fast System Matrix Calculation in CT Iterative Reconstruction

Pages 150-150

Golshan Mahmoudi; Mohammad Reza Ay; Hossein Ghadiri

158. Total skin electron therapy (TSET): Monte Carlo Simulation and implementation

Pages 158-158

Mitra Ansari; Shahram Monadi; Hamid Emami; Farshad Ghasemi; Ferydoon Abbasi Davani; Mohhamad Lamehi Rashti

160. Capacitive Hyperthermia as an Alternative to Brachytherapy in Treatment of Human Prostate Cancer Cell

Pages 160-160

Azam Janati Esfahani; Seied Rabi Mahdavi; Samideh Khoei; Mohsen Bakhshandeh; Ali Rajabi

161. The evaluation of slant hole collimator in myocardial perfusion SPECT: a simulation study

Pages 161-161

Parvaneh Darkhor; Samira Abbaspour; جلیل پیرایش اسلامیان

163. Radiosensitization effect of ZnO nanoparticles in lung cancer cells at clinically relevant megavoltage energy

Pages 163-163

Masoumeh Zanganeh; Hassan Ali Nedaei; Hossein Mozdarani; Aziz Mahmoudzadeh

164. Total Antioxidant Capacity level in Radiation Workers and other Staffs of Hospital in Sistan and Baluchestan Province

Pages 164-164

Jalal Ordoni; Vida Sargazi; Zeinab Yazdi Stoodeh; Yazdan Salimi; Dariush Askari

165. Assessment of diagnostic value of DWI technique in the evaluation of liver fibrosis

Pages 165-165

Jalal Ordoni; Zeinab Yazdi Stoodeh; Vida Sargazi; Dariush Askari; Yazdan Salimi

167. Investigation of physical penumbra definition in IMRT applications

Pages 167-167

Hajar Alipour; Kamal Hadad; Reza Faghihi

169. Developing a mobile application for usual calculations of radiotherapy physics

Pages 169-169

Gholamreza Ataei; Saman Cham; Ali Shabestani Monfared; Fatemeh Niksirat; Kourosh Ebrahimnejad Gorji

174. Investigation of lung normal tissue doses in lung tumors radiation therapy using both gated and conventional radiotherapy

Pages 174-174

Sara Shahzadeh; Somayeh Gholami; Seyed Mahmood Reza Aghamiri; Hojjat Mahani; Mansoureh Nabavi

177. Gamma-ray shielding properties for silicate glasses containing Bi2O3, PbO, and BaO

Pages 177-177

Reza Bagheri; Alireza Khorrami Moghaddam; Seyed Pezhman Shirmardi

178. Dosimetry of Nano-Radio-Ytterbium Therapy by MIRD and MCNP methods for humans’ organs

Pages 178-178

Leila Moghaddam-Banaem; Navideh Aghaei-Amirkhizi; Sodeh Sadjadi; Fariba Johari- Daha

179. Texture analysis of the ovarian lesions by CT scan images

Pages 179-179

Akbar Gharbali; Golbarg Nourozi; Leyla Dinparast

183. Development of Prototype Iranian male pelvic phantom for internal dosimetry

Pages 183-183

Fereshteh Bayani; Farshid Babapour Mofrad

184. Automated Tumor Segmentation Based on Hidden Markov Classifier using Singular Value Decomposition Feature Extraction in Brain MR images

Pages 184-184

Fazel Mirzaei; Mohammadreza Parishan; Mohammadjavad Faridafshin; Reza Faghihi; Sedigheh Sina

185. The Impact of Hyperthermia in Radiosensitivity of Human Cervical Carcinoma Cell Line HeLa

Pages 185-185

Hamid Fakhimikabir; Mohamad Bagher Tavakoli; Ali Zarrabi; Alireza Amouheidari; Soheila Rahgozar

186. Radiation-induced bystander effect following hypo- fraction technique of grid therapy by use of sensitive molecular markers

Pages 186-186

F Pakniyat; H. A Nedaie; H Mozdarani; A Mahmoodzadeh; S Gholami; M Salimi

187. An artificial neural network to predict solar UV radiation in Tabriz

Pages 187-187

Reza Malekzadeh; Parinaz Mehnati; Ata Allah Nadiri; Yaser Bagheri; Hadi Sabri; Reza Meynagi Zadeh Zargar; Mahak Osuli

188. Estimated ultraviolet exposure levels for a sufficient vitamin D status in northwestern Iran

Pages 188-188

Reza Malekzadeh; Parinaz Mehnati; Hadi Sabri; Reza Meynagi Zadeh Zargar; Mahak Osuli

189. Ground Based Measurements of Solar UV Index in Tabriz

Pages 189-189

Reza Malekzadeh; Parinaz Mehnati; Hadi Sabri; Reza Meynagi Zadeh Zargar; Mahak Osuli

190. Assessment of polymer composite reinforced with nanomaterial against ionizing radiation

Pages 190-190

Hasan Norouzi; Karim Khoshgard; Abbas Haghparast; Mohammad taghi Eivazi

191. Prediction of solar ultraviolet intensity by using Fuzzy Logic in the north-west of Iran

Pages 191-191

Reza Malekzadeh; Parinaz Mehnati; ta Allah Nadiri; Yaser Bagheri; Hadi Sabri; Reza Meynagi Zadeh Zargar; Mahak Osuli

195. The effect of cell phone radiation on blood and cancer Risk

Pages 196-196

fatemeh zakieh tohidi; Mohammad Hosein Bahrayni Toosi; Mohadeseh Tohidi

196. Core/Shell structured nanoparticles for imaging and therapy

Pages 197-197

Behnaz Babay Abdollahi; Hamed Hamishehkar; Marjan Ghorbani; Ali Reza Naseri; Ali Reza Farajollahi

197. Mobile Phone Radiation exposure effects on Bax and Bcl-2 Genes Expression in hippocampal formation of mice brain

Pages 198-198

Fatemeh Zakieh Tohidi; Mohammad Hosein Bahrayni Toosi; Mohadeseh Tohidi

198. Comparing of different normal tissue complication probability models for plan evaluation of radical radiotherapy for esophageal cancer

Pages 199-199

Hamid Abdollahi; Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi; Seyed Mohammad Javad Mortazavi; Shapour Omidvari

199. Activation of Radioadaptive Response via Injected Serum of Irradiated Rats with Low Doses of Ionizing Radiation

Pages 200-200

Rasool Azmoonfar; Ehsan Khodamoradi; Mohammad Mohammadi; Amir Kiani; Abbas Haghparast; N Sharafi

202. Iterative Approach for Automatic Beam Angle Selection in Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy Planning

Pages 203-203

Ali Ghanbarzadeh; Majid Pouladian; Ali Shabestani Monfared; Seied Rabi Mahdavi

203. Consider potential of gold nanoparticles with proton therapy compared with KV and MEV X-ray therapy.

Pages 204-204

Hasan Norouzi; Kambiz Varmira; Karim Khoshgard; Abbas Haghparast

204. The influence of neutron contamination on pacemaker in photon beam radiotherapy by LINAC using the Monte Carlo method

Pages 205-205

Maryam Dehghanpour; Asghar Hadadi; Somayeh Gholami; Reza Molazadeh

205. Image-guided prostate radiotherapy: analysis of inter- fractional setup errors

Pages 206-206

Hamed Ghaffari; Mohammad Haghparast; Seyed Rabi Mahdavi; Mahdieh Afkhami; Hajareh Ghaderzadeh

207. In vivo dosimetry of intraoral stent using TLD during external photon beam radiotherapy of oral cavity

Pages 208-208

Mina Hassani; Seied Rabi Mehdi Mahdavi; Ahmad Ameri; Soosan Mirmohammadrezaei; Alireza Shirazi; Alireza Nikoofar

211. Clinical Medical Physicist Training Program at Reza Radiotherapy and Oncology Centre (RROC)

Pages 212-212

Mohammad Mohammadi; Hossein Akbari Lalimi; Sedigheh Khoshkharam; Fatemeh Varshoee

212. Evaluation of a systemic change of Superficial X-ray tube characteristics

Pages 213-213

Mohammad Mohammadi; Kavitha Srinivasan; Manuel Carrillo Serrano

215. Comparison the treatment time of cobalt and iridium sources in HDR brachytherapy

Pages 216-216

Mohammad Hosein Sadeghi; Sedigheh Sina; Amir Mehdizadeh; Ali Soleimani Meigooni; Reza Faghihi

216. Camera based EPID dosimetric verification of radiation treatments

Pages 217-217

Vahideh Nazari; Seied Rabi Mahdavi; Ahmad Mostaar; Hassan Nedaei; Mohammad Amin Mosleh Shirazi; Golbarg esmailie

217. Comparison of ScintSim1 and Geant4 Monte Carlo simulation codes for optical photon transport in thick segmented scintillator arrays

Pages 218-218

Sahar Ranjbar; Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi; Somayeh Gholami; Sareh Karbasi; Zinat Zarrini-Monfared

218. Exploring the Possibility of Estimating Degree of Glioma Tumors by Measuring Apparent Diffusion Coefficient

Pages 219-219

Farideh Momeni; Zahra Farshidfar; Nastaran Taleinezhad; Leila Ansari; Ali RazmKon; Ali Reza Mehdizadeh

219. Automatic Classification of Benign And Malignant Liver Tumors In Ultrasound Images

Pages 220-220

Milad Zeinali Kermani; Akbar Gharbali; Afshin Mohammadi

220. Usefulness of nanoparticles to making shield and protection of sensitive organs in chest CT scan test

Pages 221-221

Mohammad Yousefi Sooteh; Parinaz Mehnati; Reza Malekzadeh

221. Evaluation of deformable image registration in HDR gynecological brachytherapy

Pages 222-222

Reza Mohammadi; Ramin Jaberi; Reza Reiazi; Seyed Rabee Mahdavi

222. Evaluation of the gray level in CBCT systems and its relationship with HU in CT Scanners

Pages 223-223

Ahdiyeh Aghaz; Mohammad Reza Kardan; Mohammad Reza Deevband; Bahador Bahadorzadeh; Yaser Kasesaz; Hossein Ghadiri

223. Comparison of two different methods for CTDIw calculation in CBCT systems

Pages 224-224

Ahdiyeh Aghaz; Mohammad Reza Kardan; Mohammad Reza Deevband; Bahador Bahadorzadeh

224. The effect of Rectal Retractor, a rectal protector on rectal dose in radical prostate radiotherapy

Pages 225-225

Hamed Ghaffari; Bahram Mofid; Seyed Rabi Mahdavi; Aram Rostami

225. Treatment couch positioning uncertainties using an EPID-based method

Pages 226-226

Azam Afzalifar; Ali Asghar Mowlavi; Mohammad Mohammadi; Sara Abdollahi

226. Analytical investigation of the practical range and deflection of megavoltage electron beam in the water phantom with the presence of magnetic field

Pages 227-227

Mohammad Javad Tahmasebi Birgani; Nahid Chegeni; Marziyeh Tahmasbi; Mansour Zabih Zade

227. A New Theranostic System Based on Gd2O3 NPs coated Polycyclodextrin Functionalized Glucose for Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MMRI).

Pages 228-228

Tohid Mortezazadeh; Nader Riahi Alam; Mehdi Khoobi; Elham Gholibegloo; Sadegh Dehghani; Soheila Haghgoo

228. Does short-term exposure to Wi-Fi waves affect the cognitive functions of the mind?

Pages 229-229

Mohammad Amin Hosseini; Atefeh Hosseini; Samaneh Jarideh; Hossein Argasi; Fatemeh Shekoohi-Shooli; Shaharm Taeb; Masoud Haghani

229. Mathematical model creation for Reducing damages in basketball players

Pages 230-230

Aida Valizadeh; Narmin Ghanizadeh Hesar; Zahra Sadehdel Fadafan

231. Proof of Symmetric Dose Distribution in Mammosite Applicator in Breast Brachytherapy with MCNP Simulation

Pages 232-232

Fatemeh Mahdavi; Alireza Shirazi Hosseini Dokht; Mahdi Sadeghi

234. Radiation Oncology Medical Physics Workload calculation: A Change in Current Workload

Pages 235-235

Mohammad Mohammadi; Fatemeh Varshoee Tabrizi; Sara Abdollahi; Leila Sobh-Khiz Sabet; Fatemeh Akbari

235. Rabbit internal dosimetry for iodine-131 using GATE Monte Carlo simulation code: a preclinical trial

Pages 236-236

Shima Yavari; Parham Geramifar; Maryam Fallahpoor; Mehrshad Abbasi

241. Kinetics of cell death triggered photothermally using folate-conjugated gold nanoparticles and various laser irradiation conditions in cancer cells

Pages 242-242

Elham Zeinizade; Mousa Tabei; Ali Shakeri-Zadeh; Habib Ghaznavi; Neda Attaran; Ali Komeili; Behafarid Ghalandari; Shayan Maleki; S. Kamran Kamrava

242. Tumour radiobiology beyond fractionation

Pages 243-243

Hossein Mozdarani

243. Modulating effects of melatonin, vitamin C and saffron alone or in combination on radiation induced cell lethality; an in vitro study with Hela cells

Pages 244-244

Hossein Mozdarani; Sara Ghorbanian; Sohail Mozdarani; Hassan Nosrati; Sahar Mozdarani

244. Machine learning based Visual Evoked Potential (VEP) Signals Recognition

Pages 246-246

Sara Hashemi; and Mohammad Saber Hashemi

248. Graphene Quantum Dots-Coated Bismuth Nanoparticles for X-ray CT Imaging-Guided Photothermal therapy of Cancer Cells

Pages 250-250

Samireh Badrigilan; Behrouz Shaabani; Nahideh Ghareh aghaji; Asghar Mesbahi

249. Effects of low electromagnetic waves on thymus size, testis and body weight and therapeutic role of vitamin C in mice

Pages 251-251

Setareh Davachi; Ghorban Safaeian layen; Ali Neamati; Mina Nouri

250. Design and Fabrication of a Four-Dimensional Respiratory Phantom for Studying Tumor Movement in Radiotherapy with Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Pages 252-252

Zahra Akmali; Daryoush Shahbazi-Gahrouei; Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi; Milad Baradaran-Ghahfarokhi; Nader Fallahian; Sadegh Sherkat

251. The Role of radiobiological parameters on Tumor control probability (TCP) in prostate cancer

Pages 253-253

Asghar Mesbahi; Amir Khorasani; Farshid Mahmoudi; Fahimeh Aminolroayaei; Naser Rasouli

252. Effects of Arbutin on Radiation-Induced Micronuclei in Mice Bone Marrow Cells and Its Definite Dose Reduction Factor

Pages 254-254

Saba Nadi; Ali Shabestani Monfared; Hossein Mozdarani; Aziz Mahmodzade; Mahdi Pouramir

255. New electrical device for field coincidence quality control test in linear accelerators

Pages 257-257

M.H. Bahreyni Toosi; Ghorban Safaeian layen; Ali Feyzi; Mahdi Heravian Shandiz; Amir Hossein Ziaei; Zahra emamverdian

258. Proton Therapy of eye using MCNPX code

Pages 260-260

S. Safaiean; M. Salehi Barough; S.P. Shirmardi

260. Optimization of a SPECT system for imaging of 90Y in liver using Monte Carlo method

Pages 262-262

Sedigheh Jafari; Asghar Hadadi; Jalil Pirayesh Islamian; Mohammad Khoshakhlagh; Farshid babapoor Mofrad

261. An Approach in Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning: A Fast, GPU-Based Monte Carlo Method

Pages 263-263

Mojtaba Karbalee; Daryoush Shahbazi Gahrouei; Mohammad B. Tavakoli

262. Carbon Nanotubes as Near Infrared Radiation (NIR) Molecules for Cancer treatment

Pages 264-264

Mojtaba Hoseini-Ghahfarokhi; Raziye Fayazi

263. Optimization of tangential fields arrangement in the breast cancer 3D conformal radiation therapy

Pages 265-265

Mostafa Robatjazi; Hamid Reza Baghani; Pejman Porohan; Seied Rabi Mahdavi

265. Determination of Diagnostic Reference Level in routine Computed radiography examination in north of Iran

Pages 267-267

Roya Bordbar; Ali shabestani Monfared; Mohammad Reza Deevband; Fatemeh Niksirat; Kourosh Ebrahimnejad Gorji

266. Independent assessment of source transit time for the BEBIG SagiNova® high dose rate brachytherapy afterloader

Pages 268-268

Abolfazl Kanani; Sareh Karbasi; Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi

267. Conventional Voxel in Tomographic Reconstruction Based upon Plane-Integral Projections – Use It or Lose It?

Pages 269-269

Hojjat Mahani; Gholamreza Raisali; Alireza Kamali-Asl; Mohammad Reza Ay

269. Effect of Physiological noise on Thoraco-Lumbar spinal cord fMRI in 3T Magnetic field

Pages 271-271

Hamed Dehghani; Mohammad Ali Oghabian; Amir Hossein Batouli; Ali Khatibi

270. Optimized co-registration method of Spinal cord MR Neuroimaging data analysis and application for generating multi-parameter maps

Pages 272-272

Hamed Dehghani; Mohammad Ali Oghabian; Amir Hossein Batouli; Ali Khatibi

271. Evaluation of Sensory Pathways in Spinal Cord by Comparison of fMRI Methodologies

Pages 273-273

Hamed Dehghani; Mohammad Ali Oghabian; Amir Hossein Batouli; Ali Khatibi

274. Calculation of air gaps between bolus and skin on the dose received from the skin

Pages 276-276

Mohammad Ali Ostadrahimi; Ghazaleh Sadrieh Khajoo; Ahmad Mostaar; Mahdi Salehi Barough

275. Calculation the phantom scatter factor for the linear accelerators device

Pages 277-277

Ghazaleh Sadrieh Khajoo; Mohammad Ali Ostadrahimi; Ahmad Mostaar; Mahdi Salehi Barough

276. Detection of Glioblastoma Multiforme Tumor in Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Based on Support Vector Machine

Pages 278-278

Ayuob Faramarzi; Armin Allahverdy; Mahmood Amiri; Meysam Siyah Mansoory

277. Validation of treatment planning system using simulation PRIMO code.

Pages 279-279

Tahereh yazdpour parizi; Mahdi Mommennezhad; Shahrokh Naseri; Mahdi Jamali

278. Investigation of dosimetric characteristic of NIPAM polymer gel using x-ray CT

Pages 280-280

Zeinab Sattari; Ahmad Mostaar; Mohammad Houshyari

282. The effect of exposed to radiofrequencry emitted from jammer on the spatial memory

Pages 284-284

Abass Shahee; Fatemeh Shahnazar; Manzar Banoo Shojaeifard

283. Quality assurance prusedore in high dose rate bracythrapy

Pages 285-285

Ali Rajabi; Mohsen bakhshandeh; Ali Jabbari arfaei

285. Investigation of Freedom-Degrees impact on Modulation of Radiation

Pages 287-287

Tahmine Hoseinkhani; Ahmad Mostaar; Amin Asgharzadeh Alvar

289. Commissioning and early experience with a new generation low-energy linear accelerator in zahedan

Pages 291-291

Masoumeh Farsizaban; Vida Sargazi; Mahsa Poorjangi

290. Study of radio protective effect of Thymus vulgaris essential oil against ionizing radiation on peripheral blood mononuclear cells (PBMCs)

Pages 292-292

Pegah Sanati; Ali Shams; BiBi Fatemeh Haghirsadat; Masoud Shabani; Nima Hamzian

291. Quality enhancement of Pelvis electronic portal images in order to improve treatment accuracy

Pages 293-293

Hanie Ghaempanah; Mohammad Reza Deevband; Amin Asgharzadeh Alvar; Mohsen Najafi

294. A study on the esophageal cancer radiotherapy effects on the patient’s lung health

Pages 296-296

Maryam Ghorbanipoor; Parinaz Mehnati; Asghar Mesbahi; Behnam Nasiri Motlagh; Mohammad Mohammadzadeh

295. cardiac damage in left breast cancer patients

Pages 297-297

Arass Rasaei; Zahra Mansouri

296. Evaluation of Testis functioning during Pelvic Radiotherin the presence of testis lead shield

Pages 298-298

Marjaneh Mir-Sadraee; Azadeh Soleimani; Mohammad Mohammadi; Mohammad Taghi Batiar; Elyas Sanaei

297. The role of relative cerebral blood volume obtained from Perfusion Weighted Imaging-MRI in glioma tumor grading before surgery

Pages 299-299

Fariba Allahmoradi; Farhad Naleini; Abbas Haghparast; Mehdi Mohammadi

298. Evaluation of incidence of intestinal complications during radiation therapy in two supine and prone positions in patients with rectal cancer

Pages 300-300

Soheila Yazdani; Mehran Yarahmdi; Manoochehr Ahmadi; Behzad Ghasmi; Zeinab Salehi

301. Gold nanoparticles as a radio-sensitizer of colon cancer cells at high megavoltage energies: An In-Vitro study

Pages 303-303

Mansour Zabihzadeh; Ali Teimoori; Vahid Bayati; Zahra Ramezani; Mojtaba Hoseini- Ghahfarokhi

302. Investigation of neutron flux by thermoluminescence dosimeters in the neutron-gamma mixed field

Pages 304-304

Alireza Sadremomtaz; Peyvand Taherparvar; Sepideh Gholami

305. Gold nanoparticles can induce more apoptosis and double strand breaks on HT-29 cells irradiated by 18 MV photons

Pages 307-307

Mansour Zabihzadeh; Ali Teimoori; Vahid Bayati; Zahra Ramezani; Mojtaba Hoseini- Ghahfarokhi

306. Evaluation of the effective dose during PBFT for brain cancer: A Monte Carlo Study

Pages 308-308

Tayebeh Akbarzadeh; Yaser Kasesaz; Asghar haddadi

308. Determination of the flux of a neutron radioisotope source through gold activation method

Pages 310-310

Alireza Sadremomtaz; Peyvand Taherparvar; Sepideh Gholami

310. Alterations in Hippocampal Functional Connectivity in patients with Mesial Temporal Sclerosis

Pages 312-312

Fatemeh Baniasad; Fatemeh Eivazi; Roya Sharifpour; Mohammad-Reza Nazem-Zadeh

Short Communications

311. Assessment of secondary neutron dose due to dental restorations in head and neck radiation therapy

Pages 313-313

Mona Azizi; Mehdi Ghorbani; Ali Asghar Mowlavi; Zeinab Mohammadpoory

312. Wavelet Transformation

Pages 314-314

Alireza Sadremomtaz; Ebrahim Siri

Conference Proceedings

314. Advanced quantitative MRI radiomics features for recurrence prediction in glioblastoma multiform patients

Pages 319-319

Ghasem Hajianfar; Isaac shiri; Hassan Maleki; Abbas Haghparast; Mehrdad Oveisi

318. Evaluation of Patients’ effective dose in nuclear medicine department of Isfahan in order to define a local reference level

Pages 324-324

Yazdan Salimi; Mohsen Cheki; MohammadHosein Jamshidi; Masoud Moslehi; Jalal Ordoni

324. Designing Optimal Bias Voltage for Radiotherapy Diamond Dosimeter

Pages 330-330

Abolfazl Zanghaei; Ahmad Mostaar; Shahrokh Naseri; Hamid Motahhari; Mahdi Ghorbani

326. Determination of an Effective Wedge Angle by Combination of Two Arbitrary Universal Wedge Fields in Radiation Therapy of Cancer Patients with Megavoltage Photon Beams.

Pages 332-332

Azin Shamsi; Mohammad Javad Tahmasebi Birgani; Mohammad Ali Behrooz; Shole Arvandi; Jafar Fatahiasl; Reza Maskny; Neda Abdalvand

327. Discrepancies in dose distributions due to age- dependent bone electron density in pediatric MRI-only treatment planning: A Monte Carlo study

Pages 333-333

Banafsheh Zeinali-Rafsanjani; Mohammad Amin Mosleh-Shirazi; Reza Faghihi; Mahdi Saeedi-Moghadam; Reza Jalli

328. Comprehensive TLD dosimetry of physicians and patients during interventional angiography procedures to estimate the risk of radiation deterministic effect

Pages 334-334

Banafsheh Zeinali-Rafsanjani; Mahdi Saeedi-Moghadam; Fariba Zarei; Amin Abolhasani Foroughi; Reza Faghihi; Sepideh Sefidbakht

330. Evaluation of dose distribution of 12C ion beam in radiotherapy by FLUKA as a Monte Carlo simulation Code

Pages 336-336

Jamshid Soltani-Nabipour; Danial Malek hoseini; Shabnam Taleei

331. Prostate cancer radiomics: A study on IMRT response prediction based on MR image features and machine learning approaches

Pages 337-337

Hamid Abdollahi; Isaac Shiri; Bahram Mofid; Abolfazl Razzaghdoust; Afshin Sadipour; Seied Rabi Mahdavi; Mohsen Bakhshandeh

332. Evaluating the doismetric characteristics of some beta- emitter radionuclides for skin lesions irradiation

Pages 338-338

Azam Afzalifar; Maryam Bashi; Ali Asghar Mowlavi; Hamid Reza Baghani

333. Radiomics modelling of IMRT induced acute rectal toxicity using clinical and magnetic resonance imaging features

Pages 340-340

Hamid Abdollahi; Shayan Mostafaei; Bahram Mofid; Abolfazl Razzaghdoust; Afshin Sadipour; Seied Rabi Mahdavi; Mohsen Bakhshandeh

335. Comparison of two radiation techniques in breast boost delivery

Pages 342-342

Tayyeb Pourfallah; Danial Seifi Makrani

338. Microdosimetry: experimental methods and medical applications

Pages 345-345

Nahideh Gharehaghaji; Davood Khezerloo

339. Determination of therapeutic standard field for cancer patients including the medical megavoltage accelerator jaws movement.

Pages 346-346

Mohammad Javad Tahmasebi Birgani; Nahid Chegeni; Raziye Fayazi; Marziyeh Tahmasbi; Jafar Fatahi Asl; Mohammad.Ali Behrooz

340. Histogram analysis- a useful tool for tissue characterization in brain CT

Pages 347-347

Fariba Zarei; Asiyeh khoshandish; S. Chatterjee; Vani VC; Rezvan Ravanfar Haghighi

341. An iterative method to estimate x-ray attenuation coefficients in computed tomography

Pages 348-348

Rezvan Ravanfar Haghighi; Somayeh Gholami Bardeji; Mahdi Dodangeh; S. Chatterjee; Ali Reza Shakibafard; Reza Jalli; Sepideh Sefidbkht; Fariba Zarei; Vani VC

342. The role of dose fractionation in the level of Radiation- Induced Bystander Effect in QU-DB Cells

Pages 349-349

Roghayeh Kamran Samani; Shokouhozaman Soleymanifard; Mohammad Taghi Bahreyni Toossi; Shokoufeh Mohebbi

343. Determination of internal absorbed dose from radiation of 111In-Rituximab in body

Pages 350-350

Zahra Mohamad Darvishi; Seyed Pezhman Shirmardi

344. The effect of gold nanoparticles on dose enhancement factor of human intestinal colon cancer HT-29 cells

Pages 351-351

Zohre Rezaee; Ali Yadollahpour; Vahid Bayati; Mohammad Javad Tahmasebi Birgani

346. Measurement of Entrance Skin Dose and Effective Dose in The most Common Diagnostic radiology Examinations in Jiroft, Iran

Pages 353-353

Foad Goli Ahmadabad; Zeinab Momeni; Salar bijari; Amin Banaei; Susan Ebam

347. Evaluation of effect of gold nanorods and spherical gold nanoparticles of different sizes on X-ray attenuation in computed tomography

Pages 354-354

Sara Khademi; Hossein Ghadiri; Saeed Sarkar; Sharmin Kharrazi; Seyed Mohammad Amini; Ali Shakeri-Zadeh; Mohammad Reza Ay

348. Evaluation of multifunctional targeted gold nanoparticles on X-ray attenuation in nasopharyngeal cancer cells by X- ray imaging

Pages 355-355

Sara Khademi; Hossein Ghadiri; Saeed Sarkar; Ali Shakerizadeh; Neda Attaran; Sharmin Kharrazi; Mohammad Reza Ay

349. Evaluation putty metal as internal shield for patient protection of electron therapy by Monte Carlo study

Pages 356-356

Mohammad javad Tahmasebi Birgani; Mansour Zabihzadeh; Saeideh Aliakbari; Mohammad Ali Behrouz; Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini

350. Radiolabeling the Peptides extracted from Scorpion venom (ICD-85) with 99mTc as treatment and imaging agent for cancer

Pages 357-357

Seyed Pezhman Shirmardi; Mostafa Erfani; Abbas Zare Mirakabadi; Hamidreza Mirzaei; Masoud Mola; Mohammad Hasan Pezham; Meysam Karamivand; Elham Saniei

351. Evaluating the performance of a 3D PLA buildup bolus in breast intraoperative radiotherapy.

Pages 358-358

Seyed Hamid Zoljalali Moghaddam; Hamid Reza Baghani; Seyed Rabi Mahdavi

352. The effect of melatonin on Superoxide dismutase and Glutathione peroxidase activity, and Malondialdehyde levels in the targeted and the non-targeted lung and heart tissues after irradiation in xenograft mice colon cancer

Pages 359-359

Seyede Hadis Momeni Hasan Abadi; Alireza Shirazi; Ali Mohammad Alizadeh; Vahid Changizi; Masoud Najafi; Solmaz Khalighfard; Hasan Nosrati

353. A method for range calculation of proton in liquid water: Validation study using Monte Carlo method and NIST data

Pages 360-360

Shiva Zarifi; Hadi Taleshi Ahangari; Sayyed Bijan Jia; Mohammad Ali Tajik Mansoury; Hossein Mousavie Anijdan

354. Monte Carlo calculation of proton ranges in water phantom for therapeutic energies

Pages 361-361

Shiva Zarifi; Hadi Taleshi Ahangari; Sayyed Bijan Jia; Mohammad Ali Tajik Mansoury; Elham Kashian; Majid Jadidi

355. Statistical uncertainty estimation in the calculation of the proton range in water phantom.

Pages 362-362

Shiva Zarifi; Hadi Taleshi Ahangari; Sayyed Bijan Jia; Mohammad Ali Tajik Mansoury; Elham Kashian; Peyman Hejazi

358. Assessment of a 2D EPID-based Dosimetry Algorithm for Pre-treatment and In-vivo Midplane Dose Verification

Pages 365-365

Ali Jomehzadeh; Parvaneh Shokrani; Mohammad Mohammadi; Alireza Amouheidari; Anton Mans; Ben Mijnheer

359. Interpretation of In-air Output Ratio of Wedged Fields in Different Measurement Conditions

Pages 366-366

Faride Biglari; Parinaz Mehnati; Ali Jomehzadeh

360. Dose-volume Analysis of Heart and Lung during 3D Planning of Tangential Breast Cancer Irradiation

Pages 367-367

Ali Jomehzadeh; Mohammad Hasan Larizadeh; Zahra Jomehzadeh

364. Effective Source-Surface Distance in Various Field Sizes and Electron Beam Energies and its Effect on Cutout Factor in a Elekta Precise Linear Accelerator

Pages 371-371

Fateme Fallahi; Mohamad Reza Bayatiani; Fatemeh Seif; Akbar Aliasgharzadeh; Fatholah Mohaghegh

366. Comparison between two different methods used for IMRT plans QA of Prostate cancer

Pages 373-373

Farzaneh Shirzad; Mohsen Bakhshandeh; Mehdi salehi Barough; Ali Jabbary; Mona Malekzadeh

367. Measurement Of Scatter Factors For Small Photon Fields Using Gaf chromic EBT2 Film

Pages 374-374

Fariba Eyni; Nahid Chegeni; Mohammad Javad Tahmasebi Birgani; Seyed Mojtaba Hosseini; Maryam Atarod

372. DNA Damages on Blood Cells After Cardiac Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Pages 380-380

Mohsen Shoja; Niloufar Asbaghipour

373. The comparison between 6 MV Primus LINAC simulation output using EGSnrc and commissioning data

Pages 381-381

Mohammad Davoudi; Ali Shabestani Monfared; Mohammad Rahgoshay

374. Image Optimization and reduction of radiation dose in CT of the paranasal sinuses

Pages 382-382

Mohammad Davoudi; Ali Shabestani Monfared; Gholam Reza Ataei; Sara Delfan; Shiva Shoubkolaei

377. Synthesized Gd2O3 nanoparticles as contrast agent

Pages 385-385

Mohammad Javad Alizadeh; Hasan Kariminezhad; Ali Shabestani Monfared; Amerolah Mostafaadeh; Hosein Amani; Mohammad Davoudi

378. Brain metabolites Associated with Common Clinical Symptoms of multiple sclerosis patients Using MagneticResonance Imaging

Pages 386-386

Marzieh Reshadatian; Mohamad Javad Tahmasebi Birgani; Ali Yadollahpour; Shapour Dahaz; Nastaran Majdinasab; Morteza Tahmasebi

379. Evaluation of 226Ra activity concentration in market consuming food staples of Ramsar, Iran

Pages 389-389

M. Gooniband Shooshtari; M. R. Deevband; M. R. Kardan; N. Fathabadi; A. A. Salehi; K. Naddafi; M. Yunesian; R. Nabizadeh Nodehi; M. Karimi; S. S. Hosseini

382. Low intensity ultrasound mechanical index as a parameter affecting of ability of proliferation and collagene type 1 expression of cells

Pages 392-392

Zeinab Hormozi-Moghaddam; Manijhe Mokhtari-Dizaji; Mohammad Ali Nilforoshzade; Mohsen Bakhshande

384. Benchmarking of Monte Carlo model of 6 Mv photon beam produced by Siemens Oncor® linear accelerator: determination of initial electron beam parameters in comparison with measurement

Pages 394-394

Milad Najafzadeh; Mahdieh Afkhami Ardakani; Mohammad Haghparast; Abolfzal Nickfarjam; Mojtaba Hoseini-Ghahfarokhi; Daniel Markel

385. Estimate bowtie filter shape in PET/CT scan with TLD

Pages 395-395

Nematollah Ahmadi Jeshvaghane; Alireza Karimian; Mahdi Nasri Nasrabadi; Arman Rahmim

386. Physical characteristics of electron beam from conventional and beam shaper IOERT applicator: A comparison study

Pages 396-396

Nematollah Heidarloo; Hamid Reza Baghani; Seyed Mahmoud Reza Aghamiri

388. Optimization of condition for Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles dispersion as radioprotective agent in deionized water

Pages 398-398

Nouraddin Abdi Goushbolagh; Akram Astani; Mohammad hosein Zare

389. Calculation of Neutron Dose Ratio of Heart, Lung and Liver due to breast cancer Proton Therapy using MCNPX code

Pages 400-400

Niloofar Azadegan; Seyed Pezhman Shirmardi; Mahdi Sadeghi; Dariush Sardari

390. Design of Small Animal Computed Tomography Imaging for in vitro and in vivo Studies

Pages 401-401

Vahid Lohrabian; Farough Mohammad Mamashi; Ali Reza Kamali-Asl; Hosein Arabi; Hamid Reza Hemmati; Habib Zaidi

391. Determination of Dosimetric characteristics of a New 192Ir-PDR Brachytherapy Source According to AAPM TG- 43 Protocol using Monte Carlo simulation technique

Pages 402-402

Vahid Lohrabian; Ali Reza Kamali-Asl; Mohammad Reza Javanshir; Nematollah Heidarloo; Hamid Reza Hemmati

393. Assessment and Comparison of Homogeneity and Conformity Indexes in Step-and-Shoot, Compensator-Based Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT) and Three-Dimensional Conformal Radiation Therapy (3D CRT) in Prostate Cancer

Pages 406-406

Kaveh Shirani Tak Abi; Hassan Ali Nedaie; Hussain Gharaati; Hossein Hassani; Marzieh Salimi; Reza KhodaBakhshi; Farid Nezhad Dadgar; Malihe Rezaie Yazdi; Maryam Rezaie Yazdi

396. Energy and field size dependence of a silicon diode designed for small-field dosimetry

Pages 409-409

Mehran Yarahmadi; Sonja Wegener; Otto A. Sauer

397. Evaluation of gene expression of MLH1 and MSH2 between inhabitants of High Background Radiation Areas in Ramsar, Iran

Pages 412-412

E. Bakhtiari; K. Ebrahimnejad Gorji; A. Shabestani Monfared; H. Akhavan niaki; S. Borzoueisileh; M. Kosari Monfared

398. Comparing different techniques of Post Axillary field in Breast Cancer Treatment

Pages 413-413

S. Khoshkharam; T Moshirian; F Varshoei; F Homaei

399. Breast dose in conventional and digital mamography

Pages 414-414

Jafar Rezapour; Reza Paydar; Ahmad Mostaar

400. Intermittent low dose irradiation enhances the effectiveness of radio-therapy for human breast adenocarcinoma cell line MDA–MB–231

Pages 415-415

Amir Danyaei; Halime Mansoury Asl; Ali Teimoori; Mohammadjavad Tahmasbi; Hashem Khanbabaei

402. Effect of Hyperthermia on self-renewality of prostate cancer stem cells

Pages 417-417

Jila Rajaee; Samideh Khoei; Seied Rabi Mahdavi; Marzieh Ebrahimi

403. Effect of Radiation on self-renewality of prostate cancer stem cells.

Pages 418-418

Jila Rajaee; Samideh Khoei; Seied Rabi Mahdavi; Marzieh Ebrahimi

405. Enhancement of radio sensitization by gold-silica shell- core nanoparticle in MCF7 breast cancer cells

Pages 420-420

Ghazal Darfarin; Roya Salehi; Effat Alizadeh; Behnam Nasiri motlagh; Abolfazl Akbarzad; Alireza Naseri; Alireza Farajollahi

406. Relative brightness due to temperature changes with ultrasound image analysis during Radiofrequency ablation

Pages 421-421

Zeinab alsadat Ahmadi; Manijeh Mokhtari Dizaji; Atusa Montaseri

408. In vivo evaluation of the combination effect of near- infrared laser and PLGA polymer containing 5- fluorouracil – loaded Nano-graphene oxide

Pages 423-423

Arezoo Mohammadi Gazestani; Samideh Khoei; Sepideh Khoee; Soraya Emamgholizadeh Minaei; Manijeh Motevalian

409. Impact of region of interest size and location in Gafchromic film dosimetry

Pages 424-424

Neda Gholizadeh Sendani; Alireza Karimian; S. Rabie Mahdavi; Iraj Jabari; Clara Ferreira; Parham Alaei

411. In vitro study of radiosensitization of PLGA-SPION nanoparticles loaded with Gemcitabine

Pages 426-426

Nima Hamzian; Maryam Hashemi; Mahdi Ghorbani; Mohammad Ramezani; Mohammad Hossein Bahreyni Toosi

413. Recent Advances in PET-MR Hybrid contrast agent

Pages 429-429

Ramin Akbaripour; Saleh Salehi Zahabi

414. (SPION-PLGA) ±PEG nanoparticles loaded with Gemcitabine as a multifunctional nanoparticle for therapeutic and diagnostic applications

Pages 431-431

Nima Hamzian; Mohammad Ramezani; Maryam Hashemi; Mahdi Ghorbani; Mohammad Hossein Bahreyni Toosi

415. Study of multifunctional PLGA-SPION nanoparticles loaded with Gemcitabine as radiosensitizer

Pages 432-432

Nima Hamzian; Maryam Hashemi; Mahdi Ghorbani; Mohammad Ramezani; Mohammad Hossein Bahreyni Toosi

416. The Investigation of Absorbed Dose in Gastroesophageal Reflax Imaging Procedure in Children and Neonates

Pages 433-433

Seyedeh fatemeh Khatani; Parviz Parvaresh; Zahra sadat Esmati

417. Determination of the Effect of Sono-Photo Dynamic Therapy by using dual frequency in the presence of Mesoporous Silica Nanoparticles Encapsulated Porphyrin in the Treatment of Adenocarcinoma

Pages 435-435

Tahereh Khani; Hadi Hassanzadeh; Majid Jadidi; Shima Moshfegh; Monireh Hoseinzadeh; Sahar Jafari; Shokoufeh Souri; Shoka Sharyari; Shima saidi

419. Feasibility of using Medical Imaging Interaction Toolkit in volumetric studies to accurate diagnosing of vascular emboli by Extended NURBS-based Cardiac-Torso phantom

Pages 438-438

SeiedehFatemeh Ayatifard; Mahnaz Amini; Masoud Pezeshkirad; Negar Moro vatdar; Jalil Pirayesh Islamian

420. Effective dose assessment in body organs after injection of 131I-MIBG

Pages 440-440

Elham mirmosayeb; Mehdi Salehi Barough; Seyed Pezhman Shirmardi

422. Investigating the effects of glaucomatous (POAG) damage on the mVEP parameters

Pages 442-442

Amir Daniaee; Ali Kasiri; Seyed Mahmoud Latifi; Parvin Armiun

426. Advantages and disadvantages of removed flattening filter Linac: A Monte Carlo study on full quantitative dosimetric data of 18 MV-Varian Linac

Pages 446-446

Mansour Zabihzadeh; Seyed Rabee Mahdavi; Mohammad Reza Ay; Mojtaba Hoseini- Ghahfarokhi

427. Metal Artifact Reduction of Dental Fillings in Head and Neck CT Images

Pages 447-447

Farahnaz Rahimi; Sanaz Hariri Tabrizi; Zohreh Azma

428. Evaluation of the Observance of Radiation Protection Principles in Dentistry Centers in Kermanshah province (West Iran)

Pages 448-448

Mohammad Rasoul Tohidnia; Rasool Azmoonfar; Sogand AbbasiAzizi; Tahereh Izadi; Fataneh Aziz- zadeh

429. Integrating fMRI data into 3D conventional radiotherapy treatmentplanning of brain tumors

Pages 449-449

Arman boroun; Shahrokh Naseri; Sirus Nekooei; Kazem Anvari; Hossein Akbari_Lalimi; Jamshid Jamali; Hamid Gholamhosseinian; Alireza Montazer abadi

430. Optimization of Bremsstrahlung imaging in Yttrium internal radiation therapy

Pages 450-450

Payvand Taherparvar; Nazila Shahmari

431. Positional changes in parotid glands during head and neck radiation therapy

Pages 451-451

Fahimeh Rezaie; Karim Khoshgard; Abdolazim Sedighi Pashaki; Mohammad Hadi Gholami

434. Comparison of different TBI techniques in terms of dose homogeneity

Pages 454-454

Elham Hossein nezhad; Ghazale Geraily; Mostafa Farzin; Mahbod Esfahani

435. Evaluation of organs at risk dose in the left breast IOERT procedures whit and without shielding disc using monte carlo simulation

Pages 456-456

Ghazale Mansorian; Ali Neshasteh-Riz; Mostafa Robatjazi; Fereshteh Koosha; Reza Paydar

436. The protective effects of melatonin on blood cells of rectal cancer patients following radiation therapy; a randomized controlled trial

Pages 457-457

Nasim Kouhi Habibi; Ali Shabestani Monfared; Kourosh Ebrahimnejad Gorji; Masomeh Karimi; Ali Akbar Moghadamnia; Mehdi Tourani; Sajad Borzoueisileh

439. Design and manufacturing a CTDI pediatric phantom for CT dosimetry using TLD, ion chambers, and gel dosimetry

Pages 460-460

Mehrnoosh Karimipoorfard; Zahra Molaeimanesh; Simin MehdizadehNaderi; Sedigheh Sina

440. Designed free-lead composite shields for diagnostic medicine radiation fields by using MCNPX code

Pages 461-461

Zahra Molaeimanesh; Mehdi Zehtabian; Zahra Dadashi-nasab

445. Chest-wall irradiation by kilovoltage x-rays: Observed local control rate versus predicted radiobiological tumor control probability

Pages 466-466

N Shahsavani; MA Mosleh-Shirazi; Sh Omidvari; A Abolhasani Foroughi; B Zeinali Rafsanjani; H Nasrollahi; M Mohammadianpanah; A Mosalaei; N Ahmadloo; M Ansari; AE Nahum

446. Evaluation of the Bystander effect caused ultrasound waves on the MCF-7 cell line

Pages 467-467

Masumeh Rezaei; Ahmad Shanei; Roghayeh Kamran Samani; Seyed Hossein Hejazi; Mohammad Kazemi

448. Assessment of out-of-field dose calculation algorithm by commercial treatment planning systems in IMRT and 3DCRT

Pages 469-469

Fahimeh Faghihi Moghadam; Mohsen Bakhshandeh; Mehdi Ghorbani; Bahram Mofid

449. Beam characteristic of P.E collimators Add-on multileaf collimator

Pages 470-470

Seyed Aliasghar Rohani; Ghazale Graily; Seied Rabi Mahdavi; Ahmad Mostaar