Evaluation of the efficacy of hysterosalpingography test for the removal of fallopian tube obstruction and infertility treatment in women in Sistan and Baluchestan province

Document Type : Conference Proceedings


1 B.S. student of radiology, Department of radiology, Faculty of Para medicine, zahedan University of Medical Sciences, zahedan. Iran

2 MSC of Radiobiology, Department of Radiology, Faculty Member of Paramedicine, Zahedan University of Medical Sciences, Zahedan, Iran


Introduction: Infertility has increased in Iran due to age, inappropriate nutrition and marriage. One of the causes of infertility is the blockage of the uterine tubes. Hysterosalpingography(HSG) is a non-invasive method used to examine the uterus of the uterus. In this method, by inserting the contrast agent through the vagina into the uterus, there is a possibility of partial occlusion opening in the tubes. The purpose of this study was to investigate the effect of HSG on the prevention of uterine tube obstruction and infertility treatment.
Materials and Methods: Analysis of 25 patients from 60 patients with minor tube obstruction showed that their fertility was related to HSG. 9 of the women who had severe tubal obstruction did not have any effect on these procedures, but 16 others had been blocked by their HSG method after 4 months.
Results: The effect of age, weight, nutrition and culture level on tube obstruction was investigated. Inappropriate nutrition and aging, the most important causes of increased tube obstruction in women studied in this study. The level of culture and weight had an indirect effect on tubular obstruction. Also, the effect of the HSG method on the removal of mild tubal obstruction and treatment of infertility was significant, with 16 of 25 patients being ingested.
Conclusion: The tube obstruction was meaningful in women with age and inappropriate nutrition. As the age increases, the bonding probability of the tubes increases. These findings suggest that the HSG method plays an important role in the treatment of infertility And it can be suggested to women with infertility with minor tubular obstruction.