Evaluation of Iridium_192 radioisotope dosimeter calculations for vascular Brachiotherapy

Document Type : Conference Proceedings


Azad islamic uni of Borujerd, medical radiation engineering department, Borujerd, Iran


One of the most effective means for treatment of coronary arteries cramp (CHD) is coronary intravascular Brachiotherapy. In this study, with use of MCNP code, in order to invastigating the score of ditribution of absorbed dose, drope in dose, and simulation mean, radiation doses around iridium_192 radioactive has been done.
Materials and Methods:
For this purpose, ORNL Fantum standard and human vessel has been chosen. In Fantum and simulation site, the rate of received dose from photon spring radiation with average energy about
0.38 Mg electron volt is well-performed.
Results show the importance of the amount of electron absorbed doses from photon interaction with a material in way of intravascular Brachiotherapy. This although shows that with the use of gama or photon, a great amount of dose will absorb in outside of vessel. This high amount in outside of vessel shows the importance of created electrons with use of interaction between photon and the material.