Assessment of Effect Technical Directional Bremsstrahlung Splitting (DBS) on Spectra and Parameters of Simulation with Monte carlo Method BEAMnrc Code (Study Monte Carlo)

Document Type : Conference Proceedings


1 MSc of Medical Radiation Engineering, Department of Medical Imaging Center, Guilan Oncology center (GOC), Rasht, Iran

2 Radiological technology Department faculty of paramedical sciences, Babol University of Medical Science, Babol, Iran

3 MSc of Medical Radiation Engineering, Department of Medical Imaging Center, Babol, Iran


Introduction: Previous studies have shown that a Monte Carlo method for the transportations photon beam in medical linear accelerator is a good way. Strip of simulation can be used to measure the dose distribution in phantoms and patients' body. EGSnrc Code is the only code written for use in the field of radiation therapy that has many subset codes that BEAMnrc code is an important one, in which transferred electrons and photons simulation takes place in the head of medical device. DBS technique (Directional Bremsstrahlung Splitting) is a technique that applies a braking radiation in collision. In this study will be discussed to evaluate the effect of this technique on simulation time and particle number of phase-space data and its effect on output spectrum photon beam (6MV) Siemens accelerator Primus model
Materials and Methods: : Beginning the geometry of accelerator was stimulated according to its specifications by using the appropriate combination code BEAMnrc. Scoring plane that get phase-space data, in parts of the device such as: target, it was determined the flattening filter by using BEAMDP program to extract their average energy and output spectra in these parts. Also the other side of the research, simulation parameters and output spectra were compared by changing the amount of DBS.
Results: Due to the importance of time in fast Mont Carlo, in the simulation with low history of DBS. Considering the time and quality of the spectrum, DBS can be useful.
Conclusion: The results show that by changing the number of DBS from 1 to 1000, the amount of simulation time (Elapsed Time) and CPU time and number of particles into phase- space file, respectively have been 7.1, 7 and 36.9 times.