Evaluation of combination effects of radiotherapy, hyperthermia and curcumin on glioma spheroids

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Glioblastoma is most common and most aggressive cancer of brain. for treatment surgery is first selection and radiation therapy then chemotherapy. The median survival of Patients with GBM is less than a year after diagnosis. Glioblastoma is basically resistant to common cancer treatments. today to improve the response of patients to treatment, a number of strategies such as the use of radiation sensitizer and combination therapy is recommended, in this study we have applied combination of radiation therapy, hyperthermia and curcumin a verbal radiosensitizer to increase glioblastoma treatment
purpose: showing combination effects of three treatments chemotherapy by curcumin, radiation therapy and thermotherapy or hyperthermia on spheroid cells of human glioblastoma, their injuries were evaluated by RT PCR and MTT assay.
Material and methods: spheroids with100μm diameter were treated by radiation, curcumin and hyperthermia, then the viability assessed by MTT assay, level of Bax and Bcl-2 expression was measured by RT PCR
Result: in MTT assay viability decreased after all treatments, RT PCR confirmed MTT assay results: after all treatments Bax expression increased and Bcl-2 decreased. dcreasing in MTT assay and Bcl-2 expression and increasing in Bax expression was respectively: the group treated with hyperthermia, curcumin, radiation, hyperthermia-radiation, curcumin- radiation, curcumin-hyperthermia and curcumin-hyperthermia-radiation
Discussion: glioblastoma is resistant to treat due to decrease apoptosis, in other side radiation, curcumin and hyperthermia induce apoptosis, also hyperthermia prevents of sublethal damages repair of radiation, curcumin beside increasing apoptosis makes G2/M and G1 arrest so it can promote radiation and hyperthermia effects on cell death. finally we can compensate modalities faults by combination therapy and intensify cell death and treatment performance.