Evaluating the efficacy of various therapeutic modalities in advanced esophageal cancer

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Esophageal cancer is an invasive and fatal malignancy, with the highest global incidence in southern and eastern Africa and eastern Asia. Patients with advanced localized disease and poor prognosis face a five-year survival rate of 15% to 34%. The research is aimed at evaluating Different strategies have been done to treat esophageal cancer by meta-analysis. Materials and Methods:
This study was a systematic review based on valid medical databases including pubmed and medline and Google Scholar.The search was carried out with the key words of esophageal cancer and survival rate and palliative radiotherapy and chemotherapy and Neoadjuvant chemotherapy. Then all the papers that haveThe criteria for entering the study were reviewed in the last 10 years. Our search for articles in English is limited. Finally, 38 articles were reviewed. The data were analyzed using the meta-analysis method (crash effects model) and software STATA (Ver-11.1).
Effects of drugs such as Taxane and Irinotecan in combination with platinum and fluoropyrimidines combined with radiotherapy treatment. Which has had a moderate effect. Radiotherapy alone is used to relieve the condition normally for patients with a severe condition. Chemotherapy Together with radiotherapy in general, it has a better effect than radiotherapy alone. Brachytherapy for the insertion in comparison with metal stent to resolve the disorder Swallowing can have a better effect, longer lasting effect on the patient's esophagus. The neoadjuvant 's role in treating it is still unknown.
2 modalities of radiotherapy and chemotherapy have a therapeutic effect better than eachother alone. To investigate the effect of neoadjuvant chemotherapy and drugs, such as Taxon and Irinotecan, are not enough and there is a need for research in this subject.