Increased Absorption Dose with the Presence of Gold Nano particles in a Normoxic Polymer Gel: Method Monte Carlo

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2 Master Student, Faculty of Physics and Nuclear Engineering, Shahrood University of Technology, Shahrood, Iran.


Introduction: Radiotherapy involves all methods that can provide a special amount of ionizing radiation to malignant tissue with the assumption that minimal damage to healthy tissues is achieved. We are looking for a valuable and reliable method to measure the absorption dose and also the ability to measure the absorption dose distribution in three dimensions, which today is the only three-dimensional dosimeter the use of radiation- sensitive polymer gels. The purpose of this study was to calculate the amount of increase in absorbed dose with the presence of nanoparticles the gold is uniformly atomic in the polymer gel, with a high atomic number. According to the rules of photon interaction with matter, the probability Photovoltaic absorption is approximately equal to the third power of atomic matter of the target material, and has a direct relation with the third power of photon energy.
Hence, the use of gold nanoparticles with high atomic numbers along with low-energy photon rays to increase absorption dose.
Materials and Methods: Montecarlo calculations were performed to determine the absorption dose due to iridium -192 source with MCNPX code. From the gel Polymer-type neuro- muscular as a phantom to measure the amount of increased absorbing dose by adding nanoparticles of gold in a polymer gel uniformed with various concentrations under the irradiation -192 radiation rays
Results: By increasing the gold nanoparticles in polymer gels with a concentration of 0.1mM to 1.5mM, the maximum absorption dose from 1% to 11% in energy 1.1Mev increases gamma rays. Also, in 0.65MeV energy, the increase is similar to the previous one.
Conclusion: The results of this study, which was obtained by simulation, show that the optimum concentration of nanoparticles the gold in the polymer gel has a uniformly uniform type of protein to achieve a maximum absorbance dose of 1.5mM with increasing 11% in energies of 0.65MeV and 1.1MeV. The results show that the polymorphic gel of the Normoxic type can be called phantom of the soft tissue of the human body and the addition of gold nanoparticles with high atomic number and the concentration obtained can be the highest dose increase this method can be used to conduct clinical studies.