Assessment of Awareness, Performance, and Attitudes of Radiographers Toward Radiological Protective Principles in jahrom

Document Type : Conference Proceedings



Introduction: With the rapid advancement of technology in today's world, the use of ionizing radiation and radioactive materials has been expanding significantly. The use of radioactive resources and equipment in medical sciences is increasing. Failure to observe safety precautions when working with radiation can have serious risks for employees, people, the environment and even future generations. Recognizing the damage caused by ionizing radiation and familiarity with the principles of protection against ionizing radiation by workers can play an important role in protecting them. The aim of this study is to determine the level of knowledge, attitude and practice of radiation workers on the principles of radiation protection in medical imaging centers of Jahrom.
Materials and Methods: This cross-sectional descriptive study was performed on a 30-item questionnaire in Jahrom radiology and CT scan centers Data were analyzed by descriptive statistics, Pearson correlation test and spss19 software.
Results: The result of this study showed that increasing the level of education did not increase awareness, performance and attitude to the principles of protection against fatigue. There is also a significant relationship between the years of work and awareness, but there is not a significant relationship between work years and performance and attitude.
Conclusion: According to the obtained results, the following suggestions have been made to increase the employees' knowledge and their impact on their health behavior:
1-To raise awareness of radiation protection for radiation workers, it is better to hold training courses. 2- The possibility of continuing education for radiology staff