Volume & Issue: Volume 3, Issue 1, March and April 2006 

Original Paper

1. Classification of Endometrial Images for Aiding the Diagnosis of Hyperplasia Using Logarithmic Gabor Wavelet

Pages 1-10

B. Sharif; A. Ahmadian; M.A. Oghabian; N. Izadi Mood; M. Khoobdel

4. Quantitative Assessment of Conventional and Modern De-Noising on Nuclear Medicine Images

Pages 35-44

Sh. Olumi; H. Rajabi; S.R. Zakavi; E. Hajizade; H. Ghiasi

5. Assessing the Efficiency of Ultrasound Parameters in the Detection of Bone Repair Process

Pages 45-54

M. Mokhtari-Dizaji; A. Yousefi-Diba; B. Larijani; M. Salehnia; G. Torkaman; M. R. Dadras

8. A Novel Blind Watermarking of ECG Signals on Medical Images Using EZW Algorithm

Pages 75-89

M. S. Nambakhsh; A. Ahmadian; M. Ghavami; R. Dilmaghani