Volume & Issue: Volume 11, Issue 1, March and April 2014, Pages 156-223 

Review Article

Stereotactic Radiosurgery/Radiotherapy: A Historical Review

Pages 156-167


Mansoureh Nabavi; Hassan Ali Nedaie; Narges Salehi; Mansour Naderi

Original Paper

Assessment of Outdoor Gamma Radiation Dose Rates in 49 Cities of Guilan Province, IRAN

Pages 168-174


Sedigheh Basirjafari; Saeideh Aghayari; Seyed Mohammad Poorabas; Hassan Moladoust; Mohsen Asadinezhad

Silastic Thickness Optimization in Uveal Melanoma Brachytherapy by Monte Carlo Method

Pages 175-181


Ramezan Eidi; Seyed Mahmoudreza Aghamiri; Shahab Sheibani; Ramin Jaberi; Hossein Pourbeigi; Mohsen Mashayekhi Galatoiyeh; Seyed Mohsen Hosseini Daghigh

Quality Control Status of Radiology Centers of Hospitals Associated with Mashhad University of Medical Sciences

Pages 182-187


Hamid Gholamhosseinian-Najjar; Mohammad-Taghi Bahreyni-Toosi; Mohammad-Hossein Zare; Hamid-Reza Sadeghi; Hamid-Reza Sadoughi

Electron Beam Dose Distribution in the Presence of Non-Uniform Magnetic Field

Pages 195-204


Mohamad Javad Tahmasebi-Birgani; Mohamad Reza Bayatiani; Fatemeh Seif; Mansur Zabihzadeh; Hojatolah Shahbazian

Dose Assessment of Eye and Its Components in Proton Therapy by Monte Carlo Method

Pages 205-214


Marzieh Tavakol; Alireza Karimian; Sayyed Mojtaba Mostajab Aldaavati