Volume & Issue: Volume 18, Issue 2, March and April 2021 

Original Paper

Comparison and Correction of Thermo-Luminescent Responses in Different Neutron Fields

Pages 84-88

Samaneh Baradaran; Mehran Taheri; Amir Moslehi

Algorithm for Recognition of Left Atrial Appendage Boundaries in Echocardiographic Images

Pages 123-132

Hosein Ghayoumi Zadeh; Ali Fayazi; Narbeh Melikian; Mark J Monaghan; Mehdi Eskandari

Investigation of Radiological Hazards in the Soil of Mazandaran Province, Iran

Pages 133-138

Sedigheh Kashian; Mohsen Saleh Kotahi; Ali asghar Fathivand; Peyman Lotfalinezhad